Help me remember this early 70's Sara Lee commercial

Sometimes the weirdest things will stick in my brain.

For example:

There was a TV commercial for Sara Lee I recall from the early 70s. It was for a coffee cake and it featured someone throwing the coffee cake (which was ring-shaped) onto a stick or post or something and it would spin around the stick-post thingy in slow motion. For some reason, I want to remember the jingle containing the word “assembly”. However, it was sung almost phonetically: “assem-buh-lee” and the word was repeated over and over again.

Please help my aging brain put these pieces of memory again.

Sorry. All I remember is

“Everybody doesn’t like something…
But nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.”

Heh. I almost came to blows over whether that was the line, or whether it was

“Nobody does it like Sara Lee”

'Course we would fight about anything back then…