Help me restore from an Iomega Ditto drive

Okay, here’s the prob. My friend’s work computer has crashed, and she doesn’t have the installation media for the version of Ditto Tools used to create her backups. The latest version downloaded from IoMega won’t work-- new compression algorithms, I 'spect.

So-- anybody with an older version they can e-mail to me? (Or provide a hyperlink to?)

It may prevent a very nice lady from doing herself a mischief.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is this a brownish red ditto?

Iomega has done some weird stuff, but I doubt that a new version of the program would be unable to read backups done by the old version.

You have to consider: 1. You have the wrong software. There’s a lot of “Ditto’s” out there. 2. You are using the software/hardware wrong. Check the settings, etc. Do a test backup on a blank tape. 3. The tapes have gone bad. (Ulp.)

Here is a page with the tools for legacy Ditto systems.

Three free DLs

handy, it’s an internal drive, and grey, FWIW. I believe it is a 2 gig.

ftg, no really. From their “support” page:

Yet another reason to hate Iomega. (My two zip drives that both succumbed to the notorious “click-of-death”, and destroyed the data on the zip-disks, after less than six months of light usage, are enough reason for me.) :mad:

But a support download page that says “this won’t help you if you backed up with an older version”, and neglects to provide links to the older version? Criminal negligence. This woman has been hosed for the past week, because of Iomega’s heavy-duty suction power. Feh! A pox on their regenerative organs.

The problem is simple-- the installation media is missing, and Iomega doesn’t give a rat’s hind-quarters about their customers’ data.

astro, thanks, but iomega’s definition of “legacy support” is “not our problem anymore,” sod off.

The three pieces of software that they make available are the latest versions. I believe what is needed is version 4.x of ditwintools.exe

Tecmar’s support page merely links back to that same page at iomega. The ditto drive is clearly headed for the dumpster as a piece of totally abandoned, (although admittedly anachronistic,) hardware. But it would be nice if my friend could get her vital data back before she tosses the thing on the ash-heap.

Uh, I meant to put that “sod off” within the quotes, that wasn’t directed at you. Whoopsie! :smiley:

Try this.


I have a ditto external 2gig sitting in the desk gathering dust but Im sure it came with
a cd not a floppy. Let me know if you can’t find the software or if you need to buy
the drive too.

Thanks for the offer, handy, (and everyone else’s suggestions…) but the problem has been solved… with a fresh install of Windows 3.1 :eek:
Why, I have no idea.

Data is back, ditto drive can now be put to more appropriate use – I’m in favour using it as a blunt instrument against former IoMega CEO Kim Edwards. I’m not sure that the voodoo doll is working.