Help me solve the Mega Dopefest of '03 Mystery!

Today at my company cafeteria, my co-worker and fellow doper got a dollar bill with her change. On the margin of the dollar bill is written:

1/4/03 the first official doper dollar stuffed down my blouse by whatamove.

My co-worker assumed I spent the dollar at the cafeteria. However, I did not make the 1/4/03 dinner or whatever because I busted my knee on the second. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Soooooo.

Who got stuffed by whatamove? How’d the dollar end up in a cafeteria in Jericho, Long Island? And what are the odds that I’d end up with this dollar?

  1. That is FREAKY.

  2. Are you talking about the big dinner on Saturday at America? Because there were also events on Thursday and Friday and I know you were there. I have pictures!

p.s. It’s whatmove.

I busted my knee at the pre-drinkie thingy before the big dinner at America. Not this year’s Dopefest, last years Dopefest.
Now that I look at the bill again, it has the middle “a” and it is scritched up a bit.

I knew which one you meant. I’ll email the pictures to you. :slight_smile:

I clearly recall whatmove being at the January 02 MegaDopefest (and passing out at the OxyPad), but not so clearly at the January 03 event.

1/4/03 is a Friday, so that would have been the night at the Bleecker Street Bar.

As to whose it was, I have a few speculative guesses as to which blouses it may have been stuffed down, but I’m not going to name chests without a better idea.

That it wound up with you is pretty darn freaky.

I think I’m going to start writing “SDMB-Shibb” on all of my cash and see who ends up with what.