Help! Nose hair trimmer recommendation desperately needed

Looked in the mirror while driving and my nose hair resembled a mini-mustache. Yipes. I have a crappy trimmer that pulls and that I hate to use. Please give me the Learjet of nose hair trimmers and I shall purchase it forthwith. Thanking you.

My dissatisfaction with trimmers involves battery power loss over time. For 15 - 20 dollars you can get some decent scissors. The pair I use were closer to $30, but I’ve been using them for decades.

The humble low-tech scissors should do a decent job. No draining batteries, no mess to clean, portable.

I’ve got scissors. I can’t seem to master the art of looking in the mirror and moving my hands to get the scissors where they need to get to. It gets super frustrating and I pinched the inside of my nose but good this morning. So scissors are out for me.

I use this one from ToiletTree Products. With electric trimmers there’s a balance between how quickly they do the job and how likely they are to snag hairs. This one won’t snag hairs but it takes longer to do the job. You can get ones which work very quickly but they will snag hairs.

If you read the reviews you’ll see that a lot of people have problems with the switch on this trimmer. I did, too. I wrote to them and they sent me another one. They didn’t ask me to send the one with the bad switch back, so now I have a spare (the problem is that it won’t turn off, which is solved by removing the battery).

Can’t stand nose-hair trimmers; the stubble is itchy and irritating. I rip the little fuckers out with tweezers from time to time. It’s an uncomfortable 15 minutes that results in considerable sneezing, eye-watering, and nose-running, but the result is smooth, glabrous nostrils.

Finally something I’m an expert in!

This is the nose hair trimmer you want. No need to plug it in, expertly machined, and unflinchingly recommended by me. Unflinchingly, because it’s almost impossible to snag and tear a hair out with this thing.

Some of the reviews mention snagging, but they are using it improperly. Insert, spin several times, remove. Don’t remove while still spinning!

The little springy scissors on a Swiss Army knife work well for this task.

I just bought thisone and I’m pretty happy with it.


Get a Wahl electric trimmer (I got the Peanut.) It will painlessly mow your nose hair and whatever other hair you wish were shorter. :wink: It will also last until you need to trim ear hair and bushy eyebrows. Yes! You will need that.

Thanks all. Pulled the trigger on the ToiletTree, didn’t wait to see the rec for the GroomMate. Only 20 bucks tho, so if I don’t like the one I’ll go with the other.