Help!! Please tell me someone taped "The Tick" last night! Dyno? Please? Anyone?

Stupid ass VCR lied! It said it was programmed! I swear!!

Anyway, I missed the first episode. If there are any Dopers out there who may have taped it, I would be more than willing to send a 10 spot your way and reimburse you for shipping if you could find it in your heart to send me a copy of last night’s show. I’m looking at Dyno since he’s local, but if any kind-hearted Doper can come through for me, I’d be forever grateful.

Happy to help you out.

E-mail sent.

For those who saw the show, what’d you think? For the most part, it was exactly as I expected. Not a lot of action, but of course it’s the first episode, so they had to spend time introducing the characters and setting up the show. The Tick’s antennae cracked me up–I loved it when they would droop or perk up like a dog’s ears.

Now, I’m only familiar with the previous Tick cartoon show, and not the comic book, so my expectations stem from the cartoon. I think that’s why I was a little shocked at the blatant sexuality displayed on the show. In the cartoon, Die Fledermaus’ come ons to anything that moved were hilarious (“Hey, baby, got anything in that poodle gun for me?”). In the new show, having Bat Manuel and Captain Liberty rolling around groping each other…eh, it was a little much for me. Although the Tick’s responses to Bat Manuel’s sexual innuendos were priceless (“If you know what I mean…heh heh…” “No.”). And Captain Liberty’s costume…wow…sure, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite what I expected when my ten-year old son and I sat down to watch the show.

And, of course, I’m disgusted by the name “Bat Manuel” rather than “Die Fledermaus”. (But perhaps that’s a rant for another day…) Although I assume the names are changed due to legal issues. Does that mean no Man-Eating Cow, or Carpet Man?

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Many thanks, Gravity! I’ll be sure to email you when I get home!

I see your problem has been solved, Flyp, which is good, as I don’t have it taped. In fact, I missed it, too…

I taped it too, if anyone else needs a copy. My email is available at the bottom of any of my posts.

If you’re in a hurry, Flyp, I know where it’s available online. Email me.