HELP! Sucking noises in next cubicle!

I really like my colleagues at work, but the one next to me sounds like she is sucking on someone/something when she eats and it drives me up a wall! Even with the radio on, you can still hear her!

Any suggestions? I can’t very well go up to her and say, “Stop smacking your lips when you eat, it sounds like you’re giving head!”

Any solutions (short of running around with headphones all day) will be appreciated.

You know, this should definitely go in MPSIMS.

After each sucking noise, repeat one of the following phrases:

“Oh, Yeah!”
“That’s the way I like it, I like it I like it!”
“Ohh, ohhh, oh!”
“Put some sugar on it, mama!”

You can ad lib a couple, if you like.

If confronted, deny everything. Let her do the explanation that starts, "I was sucking on . . . "

Got a computer with speakers in your cube? Go here and get (free!) the Random Burper. Run it for a while and then offer a truce to the noise-maker.

I cannot stand people who slurp or otherwise make noise when they eat. I feel for you.

Hrrm, see here I was thinking someone was really going for that raise.

Find a career that does not involve cubicles. {Insert rant on cubicle life.}

I thought this was going to be about people sucking snot. I recently had an ASM test in a lecture hall that seats 230+ students. Forty-five minutes into the test, a student on the front row decided to clear every last drop of goo out of his sinuses. The noise was absolutely deafening.

Anyway, my point: is there any way to amplify her noise so that it gets her attention or, at least, allows your most distant cubicle neighbors to suffer along with you?

Oh well…I guess I wasn’t really expecting an answer.
Thanks for the moral support.

Guess I’ll have to live with it.

[SCREAMING] Somebody get this person a pacifier!:eek:


It could be worse. I have a gum cracker on one side, and a person whose feet STINK ungodly (she changes from sneakers to work shoes - sneaker odor permeates office all day) on the other side. I have cornered the market on Stick Ups.