Help! Trying to find a thread about slow typing in text boxes

There was a thread that dealt with someone suffering slow appearance of letters in text fields when he typed them out. It turned out to be some kind of spyware or something that was causing it. A friend is currently experiencing the same thing.

All my attempts at finding that thread have failed, I can’t figure out the right keywords to use, and I can’t remember who it was who started the thread.

Can anyone help me track it down?

I don’t know which thread you mean, there were several. There was one titled DpauseApause etc. in GQ.

On topic, I recently encountered the same phenomenon and found out I was infected with some nasty spyware or scumware (?). Does your friend get a strange homepage when he starts Internet Explorer? Then google on the name of that homepage (it was CoolWeBSearch with me). I found a program called CWshredder that seemed to work, free download, don’t know whether the maker is trustworthy, though.

The problem seems to be in the Java engine. You can download a patch from MS, or replace it with Sun’s new Java engine.

Thank you! It was RysDad’s Dpause Apause thread that was the one I wanted!

Excellent :slight_smile:

Sometimes just restarting the computer does the trick.

This is the thread GuanoLad was looking for. I have the same problem, but only when I use my Opera browser, which is most of the time. It doesn’t bug me too much, though. It never happens with Internet Explorer.