Help with friends please..

Quick question… I missed almost all of this season so far…

How did things end with Joey and Rachel?
I asked 3 people who always watch the show and they didn’t know…


Friends don’t let friends watch Friends.

Thanks for your help…

Regardless of whether it’s the “in” thing to do, I started watching Friends from the beginning and I will finish the series as well.

To answer your question:

[spoiler]Rachel and Joey tried to make love, but whenever Joey would make a move Rachel slapped him. She couldn’t explain why, but they both accepted that they should just be friends- like before.

Ross got dumped by Charlie last episode; her old boyfriend came back into the picture. Both moves seem to be pointing toward getting Rachel and Ross together, since they cannot find anyone else to their liking.[/spoiler]

That is stupid.

The Friends episode last night is probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. Ugh. Too bad it’s still more entertaining than most of the other shows on tv.

yeah… friends has taken a turn towards stupid…

But Thursday night TV is saved by Scrubs…
I love that show…

Why are you calling me names? I didn’t insult you. Are you saying that I’m stupid because I don’t jump on the “I’m too cool for Friends” bandwagon? Or do you just dislike me?

I think Indygrrl was referring to the plot points, not you.


Amen to that. How can anyone resist a show where JD’s head blows up?

You can say that again.