Helping Israel Torture, Molest, Abuse... is another web-site which, through its blatant use of Israel propaganda, myths, and lies, attempts to manipulate the international public into giving more money to the Israeli government and army, which in the past 53 years have murdered in cold blood over half a million Palestinian children, tortured 250,000 Palestinian men, women, boys, and girls, and continued to deny the Palestinian people their basic human rights, their native land, and their rightful independence.

The truth cannot be suppressed, nor can the facts be denied. Israel tries to tell the world that it is the victim of Palestinian violence, but the statistics of the dead and wounded tell the truth. 430 Palestinians dead. 63 Israelis Dead. 21,000 Palestinians have been wounded, 7,000 of them children under the age of 18, 3000 of them disabled for life. 300 total Israelis wounded. There is a difference. The Palestinians continue to live under deteriorating and excessively poor conditions under the inhumane, ILLEGAL Israeli military occupation. Palestinians are subjected to severe abuse and humiliation by the Israelis daily. They will fight Israeli occupation, until they have freedom. End the occupation. Stop the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinian people.

Is there any proof to this ? or is this trolling for reactions ?

this isnt gd but id love to see reputable cites from mainstreme sources on your claims

Both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are guilty of horrible crimes against humanity. The Israelis just happen to have better firepower, thanks largely to US support.

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