Here’s why I am voting for Donald Trump.

I posted a thread earlier which was toned in such a way that came off as offensive and trolling (because it was), but I was not aware of the boundaries here. I come from a less moderated and free flying forum setting, so my apologies to anyone I offended earlier. You know, I was just trying to have a little fun. Now that I know the limits here in Rome…I will proceed as the Romans.

Why I’m voting for Trump.

No other candidate has stated that they would make it a priority to renegotiate our foreign trade deals and restructure our tax laws to entice American businesses (and foreign companies) to move, or return their headquarters and manufacturing facilities to the United States. This will bring a level of economic prosperity not seen since the 80’s. I believe he is capable of renegotiating those deals. This is the main reason he has my vote.

I have not heard any of the other candidates state that this would be a priority for them.

I am also voting for Trump because he has stated that he would take a more aggressive and proactive stance against radical Islamic terrorism.

I realize that Presidents are not all-powerful, and are limited in their scope, but they do set a tone, and they do provide important leadership on so many levels. Because he has placed a strong emphasis on foreign trade, radical Islam, and supporting our military, I believe he will strive to see these areas addressed, as President.

Another reason I am voting for Trump is because I do not believe in the “I’ll sit this vote out because I don’t like any of the candidates” approach. That’s just cowardice. So I will be voting in November, and I will not vote for any of the other GOP candidates because they are too sickeningly establishment and are just complete career politicians. I can’t stand that kind of phoniness and special interest pandering.

And as far as on the Dem side, Hillary Clinton has had her morals and ethics in question and under investigation for decades. I don’t trust her, she is a lying criminal.

Bernie? No way. Too far left for my taste. Too socialist for me. I like Bernie, though, seems like a nice enough guy, and personable, but his politics? Fuggedaboudit.

Why the heck should I vote for anyone else? Tell me.

Vote Quimby!

Okay, so it is cowardice to “sit this vote out” because you don’t like any of the candidates’ approach, but you state you will not vote for any of the other GOP candidates if Trump is not the nominee, thereby, uh, sitting the vote out. (??) :smack:

Don’t put words in my mouth. Where did I say I would sit the vote out if Trump is not the nominee? I said sitting out a vote is cowardice.

If Trump were not the nominee, I would have to hold my nose and vote Rubio. But Trump is running, so I am voting for him.:smack:

Okay, no need to get your boxers in a twist. I asked for clarification, you provided it.

ETA: on second read, I should have added the word “presumably” after the word “candidates” in my response.

Tax laws are written by Congress, not the president. You have ZERO chance of actually seeing that happen. You better like Trump for a LOT of other reasons if you’re voting for him.

Hillary a criminal? For some reason I’m not remembering what crimes she was convicted of. Maybe someone could help me out?

Sorry, I don’t believe he is in fact capable of negotiating such deals. If you believe you have solid evidence to the contrary, by all means present it. Firstly, I’m pretty sure the President can’t restructure tax laws by fiat. Secondly, I’m not hearing what specific carrots or sticks Mr. Trump might use to accomplish this magic turnaround in the manufacturing sector. Punishing tariffs? Reducing manufacturing wages to third-world levels? Something a little more, er, elegant?

What form, pray tell, might this greater aggression and proactiveness take, in your view? It would also be helpful to at least suggest how this would really be in our long-term interest.

Setting aside the well-known events of 2001, for the past couple of decades, the number of Americans killed in terrorist acts each year has varied between around a dozen and 50 or so; you could look it up. In any given year, by contrast about 30,000 Americans each are killed by vehicle accidents and firearms. Has Mr. Trump mentioned any kind of plan for dealing with these numbers? Seems like they might reasonably be judged a higher priority than some nebulous ‘aggressiveness’ against terrorism.

I’m sorry, but you are wrong. There is not ZERO chance. That’s kind of an arrogant statement. There is a very good chance. Reread my OP re:congress.

I also said, in my OP (did you read the OP?) no other candidates have addressed this issue. Elect any of them, and there’s your ZERO chance. At the very least the issue would be brought to the arena. Nobody else is going to do that.

And I do like Trump for a lot of other reasons, I listed my priorities for brevity.

And, may I ask, for whom you will be casting your vote?

This is true, and it’s an important consideration.

The only possible answer to your question, therefore, is that the tone Trump would set is horrifying to a majority of Americans. If it it even possible that you would consider that tone to be a positive then you can’t be rationally swayed, so you must be outvoted.

So my question is: why even bother to ask the question?

On what evidence are you basing your belief?

What inducements do you expect Trump to offer (or, what inducements has Trump specified he proposes to offer) to make it profitable for major manufacturing to start hiring US workers on a large scale, at a cost of over ten times what they pay to hire workers in very low-wage countries?

Why should a rational voter believe that it’s more likely that Trump will actually achieve this very unrealistic goal, without having ever given any indication of having any specific practical strategy for achieving it, than that Trump is simply bullshitting the electorate because he likes being admired?

Let’s take a look at an actual example of something Trump considered a practical strategy for achieving a desired goal:

(And mind you, that’s coming from one of the most staunchly conservative publications in the country, not some rabble-rousing socialist rag.)

Going on his past form, which he has abundantly displayed and frequently repeated, Trump’s dealmaking modus operandi seems to consist mostly of bluffing his way into a potentially lucrative operation on a combination of promises and bluster, screwing up the actual leadership and financial management issues, and unscrupulously sacrificing his associates and employees to save his own ass when the hammer comes down.

What rational, plausible grounds are there for believing that Trump’s current sales pitch to the US electorate is fundamentally any different? Once again, he seems to be telling people what they want to hear, without having any realistic plan for actually enacting any of the pipe-dream fantasies he’s promoting.

If he actually gets the leadership role he’s angling for, what makes you think he’ll care whether or not the promises get delivered on? If he massively screws things up again, he can just retreat into his own personal wealth again and leave the taxpayers holding the bag. He’s amply demonstrated that he’s just fine with that approach to leadership.

I can well believe that a Trump presidency would be a terrific deal for Donald Trump personally—he gets fame, attention and deference, all of which he’s made it clear he inordinately adores—but I don’t see any convincing argument for thinking that anybody but Trump would benefit from it.

Because the guy you favor is an egotistical charlatan with chronic Dunning-Kruger syndrome whose campaign promises are unrealistic fantasies that he has no workable plan for fulfilling?

I mean, if that’s the sort of thing you like, then sure, you absolutely should vote for Trump. What you haven’t done is to provide any logical reason why sensible voters should vote for Trump.

Why would moving corporate headquarters back to the United States bring about prosperity?

On manufacturing, the average wage of a manufacturing job in the US is $20 an hour. That’s average, remember that. There’s a recent report that the Chinese kids who make iPhones earn about $2 an hour and work 70 hours a week. Do you seriously think that Apple is going to consider returning those jobs to the United States? Never. Laughable.

Trump is selling you a total bill of goods.

No. There have been decades of allegations, lawsuits, and FEDERAL investigations in which Hillary was a focus, for me to believe she is a criminal, is for me to believe if I so choose and I choose to believe that she is a shady criminal. plus, I have absolutely no respect for her as a woman for enabling her husbands extra marital escapades. I mean, I like Bubba, hell, I’d shoot pool with him and play his wingman, but these people are some shady folks.

No, you can handle it yourself, I’m sure. No need to call for back up.

Well, good for you. You’re entitled to that belief.

No thanks. I am not so naive as to believe that any time I spend posting “evidence” and links and all of that jazz would ever even sway your vote. So, I’m not into wasting my time. And for you to believe you can somehow sway my vote is just as ludicrous a thought.

I don’t care about policy specifics. You are approaching it from a either a politician’s POV, or a consumer voter’s POV. It’s like the wall issue (personally I don’t give a rats azz about building any wall between the USA and Mexico), Trump brings it up as a presidential candidate and blasts a decades-long clusterfuck into many people at least believing that, yes, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The clusterfuck has been how to do it in a fair and humanitarian way. Trump’s initial statements re:the wall seem pie in the sky, but that’s not what I’m talking about. He got the conversation started again.

This is leadership. IMO, we haven’t seen it in the White House in I don’t know how long, but I believe we need some.

Don’t have a plan. Don’t need one at this point. Again, we just need to steer the country. Leadership. The actual nuts and bolts of how to go about developing new strategies and what, exactly to do is what we have military and Homeland Security strategists for.

You are comparing apples and oranges.

If you cannot see the benefit long term for the USA and the rest of civilization in tamping down the rise of Islamic terrorism strongholds, which are havens for training murderous thugs and fostering a hatred for people who do not conform to their religious way of thinking, and how it affects the USA, then there’s nothing I can say to you any further regarding the subject.

You know, you can’t just unilaterally change the definitions of words.

I read your OP. All you did was state your opinion, and it’s wrong.

Compared to redefinitions like “mostly donor-funded campaign” -> “self-funded campaign”, “multiple bankrupt” -> “world’s greatest businessman”, “irresponsible huckster” -> “courageous independent”, and similar wordplay commonly encountered in the Trump campaign, using “cowardice” as a synonym for “not voting” actually seems fairly minor.

You’ve been here since 2013. How is it possible that you didn’t know trolling was against the rules? Somehow I don’t see this thread as being any more successful than the closed one. Have you read anything at all on this board since 2013?

Because I would like to hear why you are voting for the candidate that you have chosen.

The fact the he is a businessman who works the system to his business advantage. He has talked and talked about renegotiating our trade deals, and…where have you been since the 80’s man? Trump is the never-quit get-knocked-down-then-get-up-again kind of person than can get those kinds of things done. Yep, he’s failed, yep he’s an asshole, but look where he is today.

I don’t care what his plan is. He is the only one talking about even doing it. Elect someone else and we’ll never get that stuff addressed.

I don’t need to. Why should I? Did you really read the OP? My post is “Here’s Why I’m Voting For Trump” not “Why You Should Vote For Trump”…

I don’t care who you vote for. You’ll never sway me to vote for your candidate, and I’ll never convince you to vote for trump, now will I?

You honestly don’t know the answer to that question? You’re joking right?

Screw specifics, not into it in this instance. But to indulge you:

So Apple stays, big deal. Maybe it isn’t about enticing them to come home, maybe its about cranking it up on the other end, tariffs etc. There are a hundred ways to do this. Politicians are too stupid, they are not businessmen, they are poli-fukn-ticians. I am not a trade negotiator, so I don’t have any real answers. But Trump has the best answers of any of the candidates out there on this subject. None of the others even bring up this subject. Trump has the most negotiating experience of all of the candidates.

So is Bernie.
So is Hillary.
So is Rubio.
So is Cruz.

I’ll buy Trump’s, thanks.

Well, for all it’ length, I have to say that is one of the most content-free responses I’ve ever seen on this board. I’m pretty much done here, but I will respond to this:

You do realize, do you not, that your entire argument in favor of Trump is that you have vague feelings about the potential success of a Trump candidacy that you seem to be both unwilling and entirely unable to articulate, right?

Just so we’re clear, and since this seems to be some sort of big deal for you, I don’t give a fraction of a rat’s ass who you vote for in the Presidential election. If you think that the sole purpose of this board, however, is to simply air whatever silly views you may have without challenge, I think you’d be a lot happier with a blog.

And that’s me out. Good luck with the rest of your ridiculous thread.

Nope. Maybe checked it out a few times, but that’s about it.

What’s your definition of a successful thread, anyway? One you like? Mine is one in which people respond to the OP and the OP answers the responders.

Wow, that’s pretty rude.