Heroes (04/13/09) "1961" (spoilers)

That’s a lot of numbers.

It’s Flash-time/travel-back in Heroes-land tonight- I guess. What with Angela getting all reminiscent with the kids about her days at the Shallow Grave summer camp, and Mohinder digging up his dad’s staff card from his days working there in- you know it, 1961. Mohinder’s developing one hell of an ‘ID cards of evil employers’ collection himself-it’s like stamp collecting, but for ethically grey biologists.

From the show site:

As Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), Claire (Hayden Panettiere), Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) help Angela (Cristine Rose) uncover her past, she reveals the dark secrets that have haunted her for years. Meanwhile, Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) learns of his fathers involvement in a long forgotten government operation

More importantly, Who cut off Claire’s hands, and why haven’t they grown back?

Except for the end, and the idea of forming a new company, this was fairly underwhelming episode. Nothing particularly bad, just boring. I think the problem was mediocre acting on the part of the flashback cast. I guess it’s hard to compete with the real Angela.

Kinda disappointed that Charles was just a mind reader. I was hoping that we would find out one day that he has some sort of super amazing ability that Peter unknowingly obtained from him (not that that would matter now).

Boring. I *loved *the callback to the stolen socks, though.

I don’t know quite what his ability was, some sort of ‘these aren’t the droids you’re looking for’ thought planting Parkman thing? It could have evolved, like Matt’s has.

I think they went flashback because they had two stories to tell, one Angela/Alice, and one Chandra. If she and Alice just described what he said/did to them, the audience wouldn’t see that he wasn’t intending for the internees to be harmed. Angela couldn’t speak for him, so into the wayback machine we went. Show, not tell.

Ugh. Enough retconning. Enough ponderous dialog and random character shifts.

Goodbye Heroes, I’ve reached the point where I just don’t care what happens. At least in the last season I could skip the Llorona and watch the few interesting bits. I can’t find any in this mess.

That was really, really boring. A three hour lecture about the flanges used in Hotpoint washing machines circa 1957 would be slightly more entertaining.

Had we met Charles as an adult? And who was the other guy? I missed his name.

I liked it! I liked seeing Angela’s backstory.

But my son and I kept saying, “Ritchieeeeeeee!!!”

(The haunting music, ya know. From La Bamba?)

I’m pretty sure Charles was the old dying dude that Peter was doing hospice care for at the beginning of season one. The one who’s daughter was dating the heroin addict prognostipainter and then later dated Peter and then got shot. I have no idea who the other guy was.

I thought the story of the summer camp for “specials” was interesting, but not enough to devote an entire episode to. Very intereseted to see how the new Company is going to work out though.

Now I have Roy Orbison’s “Crying” stuck in my head.

YES! Thank you. This, of course, explains why so much company business occurred on his balcony.

Other guy was Bobby ‘Call me Bob!’ Bishop, father of Elle, #2 in the Heroes “shittiest dad ever” sweepstakes,* erstwhile Company mentor to Mohinder, and future Sylar bait.

*#1 shittiest? I’m giving it to Arthur-had a hit put out on Nathan, sucked Peter’s abilities out of him, and spent god knows how long Haitian-izing Angela. Who was not his child, of course, but weekly brainwashings of the mother of your children? Not cool in the second degree.

That’s who I thought it was - I just missed the name.

Humm, I could be wrong, but wasn’t it pretty explicit that, prior to Sylar, daddy Suresh never had met an actual special? That he’d simply somehow theoretically predicted them, little sense as that made?

Other than that, yes, this was a fairly underwhelming episode. I was hoping for more shocking reveals, and did anybody else think that everything going to hell because of a too eager trigger finger was a slightly mundane dark dark secret in the past? I wanted inhuman experimentation, cackling mad science in laboratories with unreasonably many Tesla coils and Jacob’s ladders, shadowy government agents, conspiracies, counter-conspiracies, counter-counter-conspiracies, and at least one mention of either ‘national security’ or ‘the greater good’…

I havent watched the episode yet - but yes - this is how it was originally written. Papa Suresh was actively looking for his first super. Apparently, however, the ‘company’ (HRG, etc…) was well aware of them for some time prior to that.

And, if what I am reading upwards is correct, this is where we fully jump from “naturally occuring” to “secret gvt expirements” and the show fully falls to bits.

That’s pretty much what I recall. Easy enough to retcon though, all they need to say is that the memory of his time at Coyote Sands was wiped.

I think they did, or implied as much: Angela said that they used mindwipes (and some murders) to remove any evidence of their existence, safe to presume that happened to Chandra. Also, one of the other lab coats there was Dr Zimmerman, who, if one recalls back to when Tracy came to him, said that they did things to them to make them forget. I guess the writers thought saying all that would be enough for the viewer to piece together that Chandra got a proto-Haitian wipe too.

One peeve: the previouslies included a clip of Mohinder’s landlord telling him how Chandra went all buggy when he got the Coyote papers from the government-that wasn’t in the previous episode. Guys, if you want something in the show, actually put it in an episode, please? Thanks much.

Ah, right. Totally missed that.

Why is the show site referring to Bennett as “H.R.G.”? That nickname was only used because we didn’t know his name for half of the first season.

It was a bit underwhelming the way things at the Coyote Sands Camp for Young Mutants fell apart. One little mistake and suddenly the armed guards are mowing down all the young mutant campers and their families. Leaving Alice to be a hermit for 50 years with the twin powers of controlling the weather and being batshit crazy.

[li]Goes working of secret US gov program researching people w/abilities[/li][li]Some progress made, and even get a girl on tape saying she predicted the conversation she’s having right now[/li][li]shit hits the fan, people massacred. Suresh and Zimmerman, at least, survive[/li][li]Deveaux comes in for a post-atrocity brain wipe of the survivors[/li][li]Suresh loses specific memory of the events but maybe has some trace recollection of the potential for special humans; gets all obsessed with that line of research[/li][/ol]

Or maybe, Mohinder will roll that film cannister and we’ll get some of these questions answered? Speaking of whom, he was the one most horrified by what happened there(still making it all about him and his moral weaknesses, but it’s a start) . The others were pretty 'yeah, massacre of specials, whatever, can we go for chips now, Mom?"

Baldwin- My guess about ‘HRG’ is that the promo monkeys haven’t seen enough of the show to know he has a real name.

My brother insists they probably are secretly auditing the Dope. :smiley:

Right, thanks for the Roy Orbison earworm, dudes.