Heroes (04/13/09) "1961" (spoilers)

…the better the ethics, the nicer the coif.
*Dawn breaks over the Petrelli dig-up-the-massacre work party. Peter shovels up a ball glove from under a ribcage, and finds this to be icky. You know how in a family there’s just some thing no one talks about, except for that one obnoxious kid who can’t ever shut the hell up about it? Are you shocked to find out that’s Peter’s job in the Petrelli house? *

Peter: This is just weird. Why are we digging up a mass grave?
Nathan: I’m sure mom has her reasons, just be a good son and unearth the corpses.
Peter: I’m still pissed about you kidnapping me. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that tazering. By the way, you didn’t have a tazer on you when you knocked me out and threw me on that plane- who helped you?
Noah: * starts whistling nonchalantly, digs faster, realizes whistling probably makes him look all the more guilty, says ‘screw it’, goes for a leak or something *
Angela: I just want you all to *understand- wavy lines back to the black and white days of:
A freaky MASH –like encampment, except instead of war wounded, it’s full of kids and families. The fun doctor isn’t Hawkeye, though, it’s Chandra Suresh, who welcomes Angela and clan to Camp Coyote and sticks Angela and little sister Alice in their own cabin. Seeing as this is the early 60’s and apparently perverts haven’t been invented yet, their parents agree to have their daughters taken away by the nice government men. *

Chandra: Pay no attention to the soldiers with the guns, they’re your friends!
Alice: Is this place a leftover from the Japanese internments? It’s creepy here
Chandra: Don’t be silly, the US government would never imprison its citizens without warrant. We’re here to help you
Alice: Is this a udon noodle wrapper?

Now-Angela: ‘My sister and parents died here’
Peter: Well, if you want to introduce us, you’re about 50 years too late
Maybe not- someone who still has flesh on their hands peeks through one of the windows
Claire, back at Pit #2: Eww, this one’s got a teddy bear!
Noah, finding more personal effects- I’m in your will now, right Angela?

Peter, clearly in charge of the family brain:”Why do you have to be such a drama queen? Couldn’t you just tell us all this at thanksgiving dinner, when horrible family secrets are suppose to be revealed?
Angela: “I wanted to show you that when I said there were skeletons in my past, I wasn’t just working a metaphor. And I dreamt my sister was alive, which is obviously not possible-“
Peter: “Did you see her die?”
Angela: “No, why do you ask?”
Peter: “No reason”
Angela: “I think she wants me to give her a proper burial. I dream in literary allusions. And be glad I do, Peter; otherwise we’d be having this conversation with you having a pipe stuck out the back of your skull. So, first thing we need to do is find your aunt, dig her up, and then bury her right back again. But maybe pray or something when we put her back. We have to reunite this family-
Nathan: Mom’s side too, apparently
Angela: -or I’m afraid history will repeat itself.
Claire: Well, we’ve got the government rounding us up, that’s step one. What came next?
Angela: We started the Company here; we destroyed anything that could tell anyone that we existed. We need to go to the old methods- murder, brain wipings, Primatech stuff, you know-to stop what Senator Flyboy over there-
Nathan: Thanks, Ma
Angela- started with the government this time. Noah and I tried to sabotage Danko’s program-
Claire: Really?
Noah: Yes
Claire: But you screwed it up?
Noah: Oh yeah.
Angela: …So kids, it’s time for Primatech v. 2.0
Noah: Yessss!

*Back in ’61, Angela wakes up from a prophe-mare and goes out for some air. First over with the milk and cookies: Charles Deveaux, Danny Linderman, and geeky Bobby Bishop, fellow 10th grade internees. *
Charles: You’re gorgeous, but I believe we’re just far enough south for me to get shot for saying that. So I’m going to say Bobby said it. You all believe me, right??
Bobby: An-ge-la- gor-geous.
Charles; Good boy, Bobby. Have a cookie.
Charles: Your nightmares come true. What’s going to happen to us?
Angela: Nothing, they won’t hurt us.
Charles: Liar liar pants on fire.
Danny: I can heal that scar of yours………that one on your thigh. Let me touch it? Please?
Angela: Cool, thanks. Tick tick tick; OK, it’s been 20 minutes, how long does it take you to heal it?
Charles: They’re keeping us prisoner, like they did with the Japs
Alice, inside: Told ya they were! I’m cold
Angela: That’s what you get for not bringing socks. When did it get so windy, anyhow?
Alice: There’s something I need to tell you………

Nowish: *While Clarie and Angela yap about-whatever, something girly empowermenty-Noah goes for a stumble in the desert when the Alice-storm kicks up. While he’s getting airborne flotsam smashed into his head, some ghosty figure comes and snatches him away. A ghost? Ghost Alice? An extremely localized funnel cloud?

Nope, it’s Mohinder, come to have a look-see at what his dad was up to long before he was born. Because working on your parent’s biography is always an excellent way to spend your life as a federal fugitive.

The winds kick up so bad Anderson Cooper’s in the background being blown horizontal; Mo drags Noah into a shed and starts slamming him around, demanding answers. He always demands answers; maybe Mo, you should just learn to ask nicely? He may still be pissed about the cab-capture double cross, but he does refrain from Hulking Noah into chunky salsa; Noah catches him up a bit

Back in '61, Angela and the Archie Gang are going over the fence to get everyone rescued and if there’s time, find a nice sock hop to crash. But first: ditch kid sister: *

Angela: If you stay here you’ll be safe , I’ll never leave you and nothing bad will ever happen to you. I’ll even score you some socks!
Chandra: Let’s talk. So how did you know what was on my Peter Venkman cards, anyhow?
Angela: I’m not psychic. I just saw them in a dream, like I saw you kill everyone here- my sister, my parents, everyone.
Alice: What!? Aaaahgghhhhhh!
Chandra: Well, that is certainly worrisome, young lady, and I’ll be sure to complete a full case history and analysis and send it to headquarters immediately so we can make proper arrangements to prevent such a catastrophe.
Angela: Or you could just, y’know, leave. That could work too.

Now-gela: “Alice is alive and she’s making this storm. I have to find her.”* She runs off into the whirlwind, which evaporates, along with Angela.

Seeing as they don’t have anything better to do after the storm, and they aren’t in the mood to go flip the cars right side up, Noah takes Mohinder out to have a poke at the bodies. Our boy doesn’t take dad’s role in the genocide well at all:*
Mo: My dad, Chandra Mengele, was involved with all this. He was using these people as guinea pigs in his research. Y’know, I lost control and experimented on humans too; I was weak, corruptible, selfish–
Noah: And self aware! No, I think that’s new for you
Mo: …and I fell into the same traps he did.
Noah: He turned himself into a bug too? Go figure!
Claire: I’ve been out in the desert with my fathers and family digging up the dead from a secret massacre; I should be freaking out, but I’m not. Atrocities don’t bother me
Noah: What on earth made you just say that?
Claire: Nothing. I’m sure it’ll be important some day though

*Angela wakes up in a psychotic hoarder’s lair with 589 boxes of corn flakes from the 50’s. *
Alice: Lemme tell you what happened that night while you were out having cheeseburgers with Archie, Jughead and Sidney Poitier:
*At Building 26-the early years, Suresh tries to give Alice one of those big scary WW2 needles. Freaked by Angela’s vision of the Suresh-calypse, she loses her shit, starts screaming and launches a tornado in the lab. Dad Shaw, finally, comes over to see what the hell that foreign guy is doing to his kids. Suresh grabs Alice and in a AMA-unapproved manoeuvrer, tries to slap her into calming down. Dad finally remembers that he’s the only one who gets to smack his kids in the mouth, unfurls some hitherto unknown telekinetic ability and becomes the first special to TK a Suresh through a wall. Private Jim Bob, clearly selected for this assignment because of his cool head during extreme events, unloads his weapon on dad, which freaks out the other guards,specials, Alice and the next thing you know, we have one of those civilian massacres that only gets reported on in some British newspaper months after the fact, although it seems the Guardian didn’t send anyone out to interview the survivors of this hurricane clusterfuck… During all this, Angela and the Archie gang are at the soda shoppe having pretend prom, which goes quite well except for one minor racial incident that is soon forgotten-thus revealing what Charles’ ability was. Sorta. *

Now-gela: Oh, you thought I was serious when I said I was coming back for you? Oh, Alice, that’s so cute! Look, I stole some socks for you. Hey, whoa, what’s with the wind?
Peter and Mohinder get blown down the stairs to the rescue:
Mohinder,* holding a big slappy hand to Alice:* Calm down!
Alice: No, bad Dr. Suresh!
Mo: How do you know I’m bad Dr. Suresh? Tornados Mo about 15 feet into the air and onto the cement floor, thus bringing us up to 87% of this volume’s mandated Mohinder abuse. Good thing she didn’t knock him into the canned goods, I guess; while that would have brought his physical trauma rating to seasonal requirement, he’d probably end up with multiple concussion syndrome. And we still need someone around here to bring the science, even if he’s ethically wobbly.
Angela: This is your family, don’t hurt us, we love you.
Alice: points at Mo- this one too? Oh Angela, don’t tell me you married Dr Suresh!
Angela: Oh, no, him you can kick around. Just lay off the ones with the great jawlines, they’re mine. And the blonde kid. Well, it’s not like you could hurt her, but just the same…hey, Alice, where’d you go?

*Alice becomes one with the wind, possibly literally. Angela says she’ll never see her again, but she failed to elaborate about anyone else’s future quality storm time with Auntie Alice. The gang packs up the shovels and breaks camp: *
Peter: Mo, we’re going for fries. You coming?
Mo: I have guilt to wallow in, you go without me.

*Leaving Mo at Area Coyote with a tear in his eye, some film canisters, a nasty case of ennui and one hopes, one of the cars, the Petrellis head off to the Café for some ritual burger feasting. *
Peter: This isn’t a company nom nom chomp it’s a family and we braaaap have to look after each other. And we keep it all secret again. I don’t need the government hunting my ass every generation
Claire: So, *snarf snarf, *what do we do now?
Nathan: I’m going to *nom nom nom *Washington to go talk to snarf the President….
Nathan on TV, with better hair: I’m running for president!
Angela: *curiously shit eating grin. *
Nathan, covered in corpse dust, sweat, mustard, and pants that make his ass look huge and very un-presidential: da hell? That’s not me!
Noah: It’s Sylar. Or maybe………*you are! *
Nathan: Have I at any point tried to mindfuck you today?
Noah: No. Quite right. Oh, shit, Sylar’s running for President!
Angela: *grin is curiouser and curiouser………. *

*Next week: Sylar takes up politics; Mohinder gets tazed for the 14th time this volume, Rebel, Peter and Nathan dive for their lives, and Claire and Sy go on a date. Hey Gabriel, don’t give her that- she’s not old enough to drink! *

Annie-Banana - that was truly epic!

:: wild applause::
:: standing O::

Charles Deveaux was indeed the old dying dude that Nurse Peter was taking care of. Old Charles was played by Richard Roundtree, a bad mother–.

Continuity error, I think:

Crazy-Alice was wearing dangly earrings at one point.

Since it seems as though she didn’t socialize much, who pierced her ears for her? I doubt they were pierced when she went to the camp in 1961 - that was very uncommon back then, plus it’s hard to imagine her keeping the earrings, un-lost, for nearly 50 years!

They made dangly clip-ons, didn’t they?

I was wondering about the jaunty waist scarf myself, but I guess somewhere in that fort of newsprint is a NY Times fashion section. I thought Diana Scarwid was nicely nuts, and I don’t gather she was totally without human contact for 40+ years- she did say she stole, etc to survive That requires at least surveillance on people to figure out the best time to break into the house/shop. She may be the town crazy lady and has some contact with the locals.

The past few episodes have alternated between crazy-ass action (‘Cold Snap’/'Face the Strange) and Petrelli’s et al getting in touch with their feelings (‘Into Asylum’/‘1961’). Since Peter started smartening up ever since his dad de-powered him, and now that Suresh looks like he’s going to maybe get a sliver of self awareness about how he just ho’s himself out to the evil again and again, I’m fine with the naval gazing eps-as long as the characters just learn from their mistakes and then stop repeating them (I’m looking at you, Det. ‘Bring the fight to them/end up shot or captured’ Parkman)

One thing I can’t wait to see explained is:

How does Bennet fits into all of this, Obviously, he doesn’t have any powers, so, how or why did he get involved. I was kind of expecting to see him also as a young lad in the flashbacks. Was he simply recruited by Angela or the company, and if so, why him?

S1, Company Man- rent it. Heroes first foray into wavy B&W flashback shows, widely considered to be the best ep ever


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

My favorite part of this episode was that we finally learned why Mrs. Petrelli stole those socks way back in the beginning of S1. Once they revealed how much a part of everything she actually was, that never really made sense, but now it does. Nice retcon, folks. (And no, I don’t mean that sarcastically!)

Your whole review is hilarious, as ever :slight_smile:

I was amused to notice that as with Angela the other week, Heroes seems a show in which the actors break the convention of only pretending to eat onscreen grub. Nathan really does dig into that food, to the extent that he speaks all his lines with his mouth full - how uncouth. Frankly I was expecting him to say less to Peter along the lines of “aww, you have nobly decided to forgive me, I’m touched” and more “…are you going to finish those fries?”

And yeah, the whole Sylar thing would be so creepy. Every time one of the gang did something even mildly out of character like having a second cup of coffee, the others would all point accusingly and dramatically shriek as one “SYLAR!!!”

I love the glee you imparted to Noah about them starting the Company up again. It’s so dead on.

Because it seems I am eternally cursed to pick holes in the plot didn’t Angela say only the two eps back that she held her mother’s funeral in that big church with young Peter holding her hand for comfort? Now her parents died in 1961? Did I get that wrong?

I thought that was the church where she got married/the boys were baptized/she took first communion/or something else. I don’t recall the mention of the funeral. I could be wrong, though. You see how well my recall has been working lately.

She definitely says somrthing to the effect of “…even nana’s funeral - you’re probably too young to remember but you held my hand”
I suppose it’s possible that a) she was deeply gutted by the loss of Arthur’s mother or b) ‘Nana’ was an honory title granted to some other aged relative. Seems a bit unsatisfactory though


Nice contrast between Nathan after his weekend of fugitivity and grave robbing- grimy and comfortable at the family table, which seems to be a rare thing for him- and Sylar in Nathan’s well-dressed car salesman Senator costume. Brick were shat, I believe:D.

Company Man with no Company? Like a paddle with no canoe. If you’re lucky you get hung on the rec room wall as part of the ‘nautical’ decor scheme. I’m sure he’ll be either the titular or functional head of this new version, he’s gotta be loving it.

Could be someone on Arthur’s side, or even Angela’s grannie. But I thought I heard young Alice call Angela ‘nana’ at some point too? No biggie, just a bit of link between the two eps. Or my hearing is shot, whichever.

ETA: I’m really looking forward to next week, if only to rag on Gabriel and whatever emotionally stunted version of a courtship ritual he looks to be playing with Claire. I think he’s always been a little fascinated with her-ever since she self-mended during the cheerleader massacre; probably thinks since they can both live forever, they should together.Good luck with that, bub

Alice called Angela, “Banana”, I figured it was a take on Anna Banana.

It’s too bad Alice is off the deep end, it would be great to see Diana Scarwid stay on as a regular.

By the way, I thought the shapeshifter had to touch people to learn their shape so how is Sylar turning into Nathan when Nathan has been off the grid since Sylar got his new ability?

I don’t want history to repeat itself - I know, we’ll band together and form a company … uh, nevermind.

Heh. He just should send her a note with "Do you like me? Tick yes or no’ " on it and be done with it yes. Or just stop messing about and finally ask Mohinder out.

Wile E, well there’s no evidence that he made any physical contact with Sandra yet he managed that trick just fine. I guess he doesn’t need to touch the person?

Well, Sandra was in the same town. He could easily have managed to bump into her in the guise of someone else. Especially since she showed up at Noah’s workplace where Sylar is hiding out. I didn’t need to be shown that to believe it could have happened.

Then I got nuthin’ :slight_smile:

But for instance did we ever see Sylar touch Danko? I guess he might have done but they never drew any big attention to it. And Candice (the obvious forerunner) never had to touch people - she impersonated Niki just fine.

Sylar shook Sandra’s hand while he was running around wearing his Danko face.

Candice’s power was different, she created illusions. I don’t have to be shown every touch, Sylar and Danko were hanging out together and could have touched at any time. The shapeshifter could have changed and touched Sylar at any point in the club (which were we supposed to believe happened, right?) it’s just that they made a point of showing both the original shapeshifter and Sylar touching people then later impersonating those people which made it seem like it was the way they chose a new form. It’s just annoying for them to drop that whole thing after making a point of showing it.