Heroes 10/20/08 "Dying of the Light"

Let’s just assume that Matt put the mind-whammy on Customs to carry his turtle-buddy into the US, eh?

I know, I know. Why am I sticking with this show?

Please tell me Sylar isn’t actually going to become “good”. Please?

I’m warming up to evil Mohinder. Is that bad?

Now, now. I’m sure they’d never reform the character of a popular, up-and-coming actor who is playing Mr. Spock in the upcoming (and huge) new Star Trek. Why, no agent in Hollywood would think that would be a good idea! Just may as well turn a gay character straight for marketability! Crazy talk!

i’m a bad, bad man

The downside to being good? Getting beaten like a red headed stepchild. Enjoy that feeding tube!

Well, crap. The whiners get their way and Peter gets nerfed for a while. Pandering sucks.

I actually said aloud, “Please, tell me he’s not taking his powers.”

Oh, God, why am I staying with this show?


This show’s like a big squishy cheeseburger: damn awesome while you’re enjoying it, feel guilty 4 hours later.
Naw, this was damn fun. Just wish Peter and Sylar got a longer fight (and Gabriel? What are you doing with my dad’s hair from 1976? Stop that)

This was the best episode of Heroes that I can remember in a long time. Kring may actually be turning it around.

Of course, Adam Monroe being dead just makes me sad.

Now that was much better.

Claire and mom do something kinda dumb but in the end they manage to make it work and save themselves.

No spoilers in the title so just in case people are reading before watching …

So, we find out that Papa Petrelli is Rogue and we learn that there is something immortals can’t regenerate from. Sorry to see Adam go though, do you think having his power removed just caused age to catch up with him and turn him to dust or do you think Arthur Petrelli sucks out someone’s life force as well?

I’m wondering if he was able to remove all of Peter’s abilities, including his inherent one or if he just took all his extra abilities. If he took everything that would mean Peter would be permanently out of the game (unless he gets the formula) which I don’t think the writer’s would want to do. Dad didn’t need the healing ability since he already had it so maybe he left that one and if removing the inherent ability kills dad may have left that one, too. If so then Peter should technically now have the abilities of the three in the room plus his dad. Also, why would dad want to keep Peter around if he now has no abilities? Sure he’s his dad and probably doesn’t want him dead but if Peter has no powers at all he’s basically harmless.

We also find out that Peter, Sylar and dad all have similar powers involving being able to absorb others powers. Since we know that Parkman inherited similar mind powers from his dad, I think the revelation of Papa Petrelli’s powers confirms that Peter and Sylar are brothers and possibly twins.

What I don’t understand is how Arthur could put Mama P. in a coma long distance so I’m think that’s the work of Parkman, Senior.

Did anyone get a good look at the faces of all the “villains” that African Prognostipainter painted?

Why don’t prognostipainters ever paint in realistic portraiture style? It’s always the vague cartooney stuff- how about a hero-brandt? :smiley:

I’m not sure we need to spoiler stuff (the folks over in Ol’ Blighty tend to stay away until it airs there), but any chance to follow the crowd, I guess…

[spoiler]1. I think that Adam died because – without his powers to keep him alive and young – he was really, really old. Papa Petrelli isn’t quite Rogue.

Interesting that “Nemesis” was originally supposed to bring him Sylar, though. Wonder if Papa Petrelli is going to start snacking on his henchmen’s heads, now?

  1. That was definately Arthur putting the mind-whammy on Angela; we’ve seen him use that as his M.O. last season.[/spoiler]

Honestly, I like this show, I really do. I dig the nice Sylar, it amuses me greatly. Maybe because I can’t stand Peter, and I like watching him get knocked around?

I thought that the puppet Russian Roulette scene turned out fantastically well for the blond trio, luck yet again saves poor Claire.

I am ready for the good guy/bad guy shuffle to be over with, lets get on our sides and get on with it people.

Oh, and for goodness sakes will NBC just make me an index of everyone and what their powers are? I mean things I know Peter can do never happen, and thing I never knew he could pop up all the time. Am I just missing something?

It wasn’t all luck, her mom pulled the trigger repeatedly to make sure she was the one that got shot.

Well yes, I forgot that part. Why didn’t puppet guy pick up on that?

I got the impression that the Puppetmaster isn’t all that bright.

I liked this episode quite a bit; I hope we get to see a good battle between MohinderFly and Nathan/Tracy, with a little Black-Eyed Maya thrown in.

I thought when Sylar told Peter that he needs to look inside Angela’s head to find out what happened, that Peter was going to take that literally and start the fingerslicer thing again. :slight_smile:

It’s about time someone took Peter down a notch, and it also explains how he could get a scar; obviously now without healing abilities he can be hurt and his body will heal normally; I don’t think a healing ability will retroactively remove scars, so this must be when he gets it. I just hope they don’t “repower” him too soon; I’d rather that he be without powers for the remainder of the season and learn how to be a hero without powers so he won’t be so stupid about them when he does get them back.

At this point, I want Claude to reappear (ha!).

Have we established a likely scenario in which those born with powers inherit something similar to those that their parents manifest? Peter and Sylar have a variation of Arthur’s power absorption, Matt has a variation of Parkman Sr.'s telepathic ability, arguably Elle and Bob have some sort of connection with…uh…well, electrical conduction…? (that is, if she was born with it)…did we ever find out what Kaito’s power was? Or Hiro’s mother’s power (assuming she had one?)

Because he was a sick f**k. He had no idea Claire would heal, and if he thought about it at all he probably just figured mom was either nuts herself or panicked and couldn’t stop squeezing the trigger.

I actually think this episode was much better than the previous ones. There wasn’t really anything I really disliked about it.

Adam Monroe going bye-bye surprised the hell out of me, but I doubt he’s gone for good since he was in Mama Petrelli’s dream at the beginning of the season. The entire story arc/scenes of the puppet master was sufficiently creepy. It was fairly easy to see where it was going, but THAT was a good villain. Creepazoid. I also like Daphne and Parkman’s interactions. Daphne’s probably my favorite character on the show now. And I kind of got enjoyment out of seeing Hiro beat with a shovel three times. :smiley:

What I want to know is, where is the Company HQ based, and wherever they are why do all the escaped villains go and stay within driving distance of the HQ? I mean, Noah shows up everywhere lickety-split.

So, Hiro reminds us that jumping back to fix every boo boo just makes matters worse. And Peter will probably have a scar free(more or less) future for no other reason than painting that thing on him for the remaining run of the show will be a royal PITA. But his hair is growing back; will he return to the bangs of emo?

I’m actually liking where this season is going. Mohinder being a villain is a good direction for him, considering how he wasn’t doing the good side much good. I can’t believe he fell for Nik-Tracey’s trick. What a dummy. That’s our Mohinder!

It’s also nice to see Claire’s mom have a bigger role. My major fault with the show right now is the lack of non-powered characters doing anything (besides Noah and Ando), but with Claire’s mom following Claire around and Peter being taken down to zero, things could get interesting again.

Hiro vs the african turtle man was awesome. I love how in a show full of stupid melodramatic people, Hiro’s still self-aware enough to learn a lesson from his powers.