Heroes Redux

For those who are watching the Heroes repeats leading up to the season premiere on Sept 24. Here is a sample :smiley:
We get a glimpse of what Mama Petrelli’s power might be. :eek:

Is that really a power? [spoiler] If you knew that Parkman was reading your mind you could yell at him too.

It does show a live Nathan and that is a surprise. Can’t say that I like it much. I liked the character but it sort of negates his sacrifice since there was no actual sacrifice. Typical comicbook stuff so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. [/spoiler]

Read this weekend that it was revealed by some of the cast on the Heroes World Tour that

(casting spoiler)

We should expect Chris Eccleston to return! Claude!!!

Spent all last weekend watching Season 1 on DVD, so very excited for Season 2. Thanks for sharing that little clip!

There is that one chick that can change her looks though, i seriously doubt mama Petrelli would give up her dreams of power just because Nathan exploded himself