he's going back to HER!?1?

For almost 6 months, I’ve listened to my best friend trash his ex girlfriend. He’s called her everything from a lowclass ho to a lifesucking bitch who doesn’t even deserve dripping cum from a dog’s ass. While a lot of it was said out of hurt and anger because she dumped him, he really hates what she turned into after their breakup. She degraded herself, fucked any guy who would give her the time of day, and became exactly what he despises the most, a slut. They haven’t even talked since September. I’ve mentioned several times over the last few months that maybe he still had feelings for her, and was just hurt. “No Pam, I could never think of her in the same way I did while we were together. It’s over for good.” Well ,she has a way of manipulating people’s emotions. While talking the other day (for the first time in forever), she threw at him that she still loved him, and wanted to be together, and that breaking up with him was the biggest mistake she ever made in her life. And he bit right into it. He told me yesterday that he’s thinking of going back to her. Nevermind all the crap he’s said about her. Nevermind that when she broke up with him, he nearly killed himself, and wouldn’t eat or sleep for weeks afterwards. He spent his days and night alone in his room, miserable. Now that he’s finally gotten over her (he’s dating a lot more than before, and he’s trying to move on with his life), he wants to go back? I tried explaining all this to him. I spent 2 hours last night listing everything wrong with them being together again. I even talked to her, in hopes that I could change her mind. And it’s totally not working. “You know I love you Pam, and I value your opinion more than anyone else’s, because you’re my best friend, but you’re wrong. We belong together. It’s fate.” ARGGHHH!!! Could he be any more fuckin stupid?

Ok, so I’m pissed. I still love him, I’ll still support him. But when he comes crawling back to me after she breaks his heart again, I’ll be waiting with a big fat “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” :smiley:

Aahh, love. A pity we don’t get to choose the object of our obsession. I relate to your friend. There was a psycho hose beast in my past, and I went back to her more times than I care to admit. To this day, I feel a special twinge in my heart if I smell her perfume.

The same thing happened to a dear friend of mine in high school. SHe damn near ruined him.

I grabbed her and pushed her up against a wall at a hockey game, and told her if she fucked his head up again, I would find her and fucking kill her. (or some such words)

I dont know that it helped… but when they broke up again shortly after, he wasnt as messed up.

My advice:

  1. dont do what I did! Its a wonder Ididnt get arrested.
  2. relax - he will be ok. Nobody goes back into hell without wearing sunscreen… he will expect the worse this time.

We have all been down that road before. Age, gender, etc. have nothing to do with it. He doesn’t really want your advice, he just needs a sounding board to get the pain out and it sounds like you were the friend he needed. This may happen quite a few times until she either straightens out and decides what she wants, or he gets tired of it and walks. Maturity will play a big part in it.

Just an addition.

I think everyone knows that putting down someone’s lover is probably not the best way to endear yourself to them.

The same can apply to ex-lovers in case this type of situation arises.

Try always to remeber to respect your friends original choice.

By all means listen and console and do the empathy thing but be careful of joining in on the slagfest.

Learned through painful experience that statements such “dont worry buddy …youre better off without that slapper” can backfire.

Yeah, the problem is he won’t wear sunscreen just going back into THIS particular hell, I’d wager; every girl who comes along from here on out is going to have to divest him of the baggage with which this soul-sucking emotional remora has left him.

Chicks like this give us HONEST sluts a bad name. :smiley:

Isn’t this the guy you just slept with?


LOL, yeah. But that has nothing to do with my bitterness. I’m pissed because after everything he’s said himself, he’s going back to her. Us having sex didn’t really mean anything to us anyways, it was just something to do. If we get bored on another rainy day, I’d venture to say we’ll do it again. Unless, of course, he gets back with his ex. Bloodsucking bitch. (You can’t tell she used to be one of my closest friends, can you?) Life is weird sometimes.