Heterosexual Anal Intercourse

This thread is prompted by this thread in the Barbeque Pit. Since I believe the answers to my question will be opinions and not fact, I am posting this here.

This practice baffles me and always has. I cannot imagine the attraction and will go to my grave without ever having had the experience. Please understand that I am not condeming the practice, I am only asking what different folk find attractive about it. I should also state that my curiousity is limited to male-female couples and does not extend to strap-ons.

Well, that opening is tighter, for one thing. So more sensation for the male. I’ve also heard that the male G-spot can be found with that method, though I’ve never tried it.

I’m not sure what is so mysterious about it. Heterosexual couples do it for the same reason as homosexual couples, because they like it.

I tease DeathLlama about this–he, too, finds this practice completely unappealing. “YOU POOP OUT OF THERE!” is what he says. When I laugh and say, well, what if I tried a little digital stimulation, he says, pause “I POOP OUT OF THERE!”

That seems to be the summary of his feelings on the matter. :slight_smile:

Done it a couple of times with a couple of women and my feelings on the matter are that it’s more hassle than it’s worth. If I was with a woman who wanted it, I wouldn’t have any problems doing the deed but for day to day sex I’m happy with the mouth and vagina.

Next time he want you to…erm…orally pleasure him, go ahead and tell him “YOU PEE OUT OF THERE!” :0)

If this were a major problem for most people, then “normal” vaginal sex would also be bad. “YOU BLEED OUT OF THERE!”

Sex is not a sanitized, neat experience. It’s messy and occasionally smelly and sweaty and occasions a great deal of embarrassing and dyslyrical vocalization (no great poem was ever written with the words “uh-uh-uh-uh-oooh-uh-oooh—oh my god—pantpantpantpant”). But it’s damn good…


Let’s face it gang, the rectum and anus are designed to be one-way orifices, and using them regularly in contra-distinction to their design is risky, and care must be taken!

That’s why I recommend the use of a “shanus” or mock anus, for those who wish to indulge in anal intercourse, but are unable/unwilling to use the natural excretory orifice due to considerations of pain/health/hygiene.

That’s correct, folks! A properly adjusted and fitted shanus will give the penis the same tight fit, due to it’s dynamic “o-ring” clension design! Furthermore, shanus models can be obtained with or without simulated prostate protruberances, including no prostate (for you heterosexual guys), normal prostate, mild prostatic hypertrophy, and “get yourself a trans-urethral resection for gods sake” prostatic hypertrophy size.

The shanus is available in most finer adult catalogues and sleazier adult bookstores. Patent pending.

As a woman who loves anal intercourse–

There is a continuous ring of muscles inside the anus, so the feel of a man thrusting inside there is very intense. Also, as has been pointed out, it’s a tighter opening, which is just as pleasurable for the woman as for the man.

If you bathe properly, it’s not dirty in any way.

Anal sex is something that I’ve wanted to try, but I’ve never slept with a woman who had any interest in it. So I’m curious as to why women would would like the idea; I already get why men would like it.

i’ve only tried it a couple of times, cause it can hurt a bit, but i like it cause it is naughty. naughty is good, and erotic, and just the thought of letting someone shove their hard, um, can i say it?, in there, makes me feel all tingly :slight_smile:

some women seriously get off on anal sex. thats one big reason.

I thought, at first, that this said “shamus.” Well gosh, let me call up Phil Marlowe and see how he feels about some anal sex tonight…

Sigh. Just because I work in a prison, noone likes my anal sex jokes.


I was referring to my joke, actually…

Paging Mr. Sanchez… Will Mr. Dirty Sanchez come to the brown courtesy phone?

I like it because it gives me a dominating feeling over the woman I’m fucking that way.

You better make damn sure you do alot of research and background checks on the funeral parlor of your choice if you want this comment to stand! :smiley:

i’ve known some girls who really liked it and said it was just as good as the other hole. who am I to let them down? What, you think I’m that selfish of a prick?

I scream, you scream, we all denounce Jesus for Ice Cream!

I like it because I like feeling dominated in bed.

I dated a woman who could orgasm from anal sex. She liked it for that reason, as well as because it was a bit naughty. And often when we had anal sex it was set up as a D/S scene, so I imagine she liked it for jazzmine’s reason as well.

I like it. It’s a little off the beaten path, kind of breaking a taboo. My current GF doen’t like it, because of some bad experiences in her past. We talked about that, and I’m cool with it. Hey, if I know my partner’s not having any fun with, then I’m not gonna have any fun with it. You know what I mean?