Hey assholes, how about you stop poking Evil Captor with a stick?

Right, I’m keeping it short and sweet. What you call people out in the Pit is your business, but even here there are some fucking standards, and this is not the only place it’s happening. If I remember correctly, Evil Captor was asked to stop talking about BDSM so much, and from what I’ve seen, he has done so. Now he can’t say anything without somebody immediately cheap-shot ad-homineming him to death. Knock it off. For one, it makes you look like a hack comic in some dive bar, who tells the same joke three times for a pity laugh. When come back bring new material. And for another, it’s dirty pool.

Oh yeah, and get the fuck off **lissener’s ** jock about that goddamn movie already.

All right, I’m done with yas. Commence to jigglin’.


They can speak for themselves. They don’t need you to fight their battles.

Could you perhaps provide an example or two of whatever it was that provoked your ire?

I have an idea. Why don’t you shove it up your ass sideways? They can’t speak for themselves. They’ve been asked by the mods not to talk about it. Is that hard to understand?

Thanks for the reminder. Here’s your Junior Mod hat. Stick it up your ass pointy end first.

It’s all over. Here’s a couple from a recent Pit thread to start you off:

What the fuck does modding have to do with being tired of hearing the same old fucking schtick? I’m acting as a critic (art and social), not a mod.

You think someone’s baiting them? Use the Report This Post function. Or, you know, let them fight their own battles, mom.

I have to agree that the constant **lissener ** baiting is getting a bit tedious but it seems to me that Evil Captor has stepped up his BDSM and related-topic posting ever since his pitting and I literally sighed and rolled my eyes when I passed by his most recent thread in Cafe Society yesterday.

Read for comprehension much? I’m complaining about their skill as comedians and roasters, not the baiting. I’m just mentioning the baiting because it’s part of what makes it lame. There’s nothing funny or entertaining about shooting fish in a barrel.

Depends on what it was you were doing before the fish shooting.

Is this true? I recall that the whole thing about EC was poster-driven. I don’t remember there being an official mod admonishment. I’m also pretty sure there’s no ban against lissener talking about Paul Verhoeven, unless it was worked out privately as terms of his re-instatement.

Cite that either poster has been officially forbidden from talking about either subject?

Actually, i’ve noticed this trend to - and from what i’ve seen, since his pitting Evil Captor has introduced the topic a lot less, and I don’t think he deserves this amount of ribbing. Most of it is goodnatured, but really, if you don’t want him to talk about it, stop bringing it up yourselves!

I’m all but certain that EC was asked to cool it for a while; I’m digging up the cite now. As for lissener, it seems he can certainly post about it, but I’m about half as sure that I remember that not going on about it was part of the re-instatement. If I’m wrong, I withdraw that. I’ll look too, if they don’t come along to confirm or deny.


The way you posted those, it’s a little out of context. But I can see how you’d get annoyed. It’s not your job to junior mod, but as you’re complaining that people are hijacking threads out of what seems to be a bit of personal spite, I’d say this is a valid Pitting.

No, you’re complaining about the baiting too, or did somebody else foist the ‘dirty pool’ comment into your first post?

As I clarified elsewhere, I mention the ‘dirty pool’ part because it’s part of what makes it unfunny. Not in a ‘that’s mean’ way, but in a ‘that’s lame and easy’ way. Cheap shots aren’t artful.

I’m still looking, but meanwhile, I just want to note that whether they can respond doesn’t change my central point. It would certainly be…unseemly, or unusual for them to start a thread Pitting people for not being funny enough when roasting them. They’d likely end up in another brouhaha as people just redirected the tedious shit-flinging onto their very complaint.

I don’t think I’m junior modding, because I don’t think this is something the mods should have control over. I don’t think they should be saying ‘Everybody stop making that joke’. It seems to me it’s down to us to discuss that kind of meta content issue. I can see where y’all got that from, but it’s not where I’m at. I can’t report something if I don’t think it’s against the rules, but I sure can pit it if I think it’s stupid and unfunny.

I guess I’m not getting my Warning and Admonishments Newsletter anymore. What the fuck, mods? Keep me in the freakin’ loop!

I think the moral of the story is: If you’ve got one tired trick, don’t be surprised when the crowd mockingly calls for it. If you get warned not to perform your trick in the meantime, that’s your dilemma, not everyone else’s.