Hey, Cajun Man, how long have you lived in Rock Island?

How could i have missed a Moderator living in my hometown? I must be getting blind in my old age…

TVeblen posted a week or so ago that Cajun Man and Dr Matrix have moved to Rock Island and have taken over the digs at Chez Veb.

Needless to say, the local constabulary have been duly notified.

Rock Island’s gain is most definitely New York’s loss.

DrMatrix and I have been in Rock Island since November 1st. If you’d care to meet us, we’re having a little get-together on December 14th.

Thanks for the kind words, Dave-Guy.

i don’t fly back home until the 19th!! Dah!!

Agh! That’s the day I get back to Moline!

Le sigh.

Anybody seen that commercial in the QC where the two young people are talking about someone who is moving into town from “the boonies”? That thing was hilarious. “He’s gonna love it here! There’s so much to do!” That person is going to be pretty disappointed when he expects Disney World all he gets is Rock Island :wink:

Good library, though.

[grumble] I know I couldn’t be at the going away party, but so long as y’all get around to showing up at the Fest (no idea, as you haven’t answered my e-mail!!!) I think we’ll be cool.

I also you are doing fine out there … since you haven’t told me.

Not that I’m bitter.


::smacks interface2x right upside his haid with a Mississippi cat fish::

Oh, and, uh, sorry about the cat fish thing. Wanna paper towel or anything?

a.k.a. Conan The Librarian

[sub]fixed coding[/sub]

Never mind. :smiley:

I spent a month in the Quad Cities one night. :smiley:

While traveling back from a 5 week cross country trip in the 1980’s, we spent the night in a cheap motel(was there any other kind there?) in Davenport, I think. All I remember is driving around after dinner for an hour to see the town. Most of the time was consumed by circumnavigating a pig-rendering house. Literally, it took most of our time trying to find out where the nice sections were. Alas, we found none.

This isn’t to disparage Rock Island. I’m sure I could find the library, if necessary. Do you have any rendering plants?

I keep thinking the title of this thread is, “Hey, Cajun Man, how long have you lived under a rock?”

samclem if it was down by the river it was Oscar Mayer and at that time they still did their own slaughtering.
Even though it has been remodeled to make way for new lines comming and going we still have the ramps and the piggy stairs that make up our hog hotel.
tiggeril, you have to come out of at least a little while. I’m going to try to make it after work, and I think it was around my birthday last year you said you might be in town.

Well, Sam, that was Iowa
(snork, snork)
Besides, I know for a damned fact that the sleaziest motel in Davenport (“Sheets changed hourly!”) is so far off the interstate you’da look for it…and, besides, one of the absolute best fine, funky ribs joint is barely 8 blocks away, so there.

(And…Akron, Sam? “Ptui, I spit”, sniffs Veb, the suave, transplanted Cincinnatian. [sub]and it’s not SO a contradiction in terms, you poopy head![/sub]

And Cajun Man–canny, kind, thriver from bayous to Manhattan–has probably kept thinking you really, really want to be a syndicated cartoon beagle. But for those stakes you’re gonna hafta ace out beagledave, who admitted, ri’chere on the SDMB, that he circles 3 times before sleeping and licks his private parts, just because he can.

All in all, this is stacking up to be a small but intensely quirky Dope Fest. Hell, last time a bridal party merrily waltzed a 7’ inflatable pink penis right into the bar–and promptly bonded with us.

Which is pretty scary right there, come to think of it.