Hey East Coast hows the weather?

Biggest storm of the century or a bunch of hype?

I’m in Albany, but I’m from the north shore of MA.

I’d give it an 8. It’s not bad, but it’s not the biggest storm I’ve seen in my 19 winters.

It seems like more hype where I am. I was able to get to and from work, there isn’t that much snow on the ground. Most of my company gets to work from home, so they all took advantage of it, but I didn’t mind driving in. (Of course I don’t have the option).
Overall, not a terrible storm, but we’ll see when its over.
Oh yeah, I’m in central Connecticut, where is everyone else?

I’m from south of Boston, down near Rhode Island. We were supposedly getting 30 inches. Right now, we have less than 1. But the roads are all slushy, so driving sucks. We’re in a state of emergency, and they cancelled all the schools. I think it’s been blown way out of proportion.

They were just being cautious. Had the storm not taken its sweet time getting here, we’d all be about knee deep in snow.

In VA Beach… snowed about five seconds…but everything is on two hour delay. Whew… Thank God we’re not taking any chances… :slight_smile: Oh wait, it’s coming down again… Better get our plow truck ready…

Bingamton, NY

It was basically just hype so far as I could tell. We got about 15-18 inches of snow from Sunday to Tuesday morning. Not exactly a record breaker, No Blizzard Conditions. My office however was closed on Monday, which was nice but not necessary. I guess the people in the higher elevations may have gotten it worse.

I’m in boston, and wondering where my cats are… thank god, there’s the other one. But it’s getting pretty nasty here, and it’s two days without school for me so far… Keep it up, storm!

Horrible! Atrocious! Viscious!

It’s windy and night time temperatures have plummeted into the upper 30’s. I think I saw a cloud yesterday.

What? Georgia’s on the east coast!

Burlington, VT

Holy mother of God. How can there be so much snow in the sky? I don’t understand. I was at work from 4 to 10 PM last night. There was half a foot of snow on my car when I went to drive home, and I didn’t make it up one hill I needed to last night. Had to take an alternate route. They are predicting 20-40 inches of snow for us.

Seriously. Enough is enough. The stupid local weather man with a lisp just called it a “beast.” And then he said we have another storm system moving in this weekend. COME ON!!!

New York City

So far it’s been more of a bli. . . than a blizzard.

Cajun Man, you exaggerate. I saw several tablespoons of snow on the way to work this morning!

All I care about is that I got to stay home from work. Se this for more information: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=62376


Hmmm . . . Well, you bo’s in Manhattan and B’klyn may have gotten off easy, but us Northern New Jerseyites got iced in. The train switches or signals or whatever got frozen yesterday, so I got to stay home, lying on the sofa and getting some important looking at the ceiling done.

Right now it’s snowing like a sonofabitch in Manhattan, so I hope I can get home tonight . . . Any New Yorkers wanna put me up? Can’t risk missing my hairdresser app’t. tomorrow after work!


It’s cold and windy, but no snow is falling, or on the ground here. It snowed yesterday morning, and melted by noon.

Argh! This is the third major snowfall/blizzard this winter that’s passed us by!

It’s still snowing. Either get serious or stop!

I do the reverse commute from NY to Long Island. Only the NYC commuters showed up at work today. As the snow continued to fall the four of us decided to leave at 2 o’clock (we have to take a bus to the railroad. This has to be co-ordinated. This is a major pain in the ass).
My boss:Why do you have to leave at 2?
Me:Because we’d like to make it home before the buses stop running and the LIRR dies.
My boss: Well, have some drive you at five.
Me: Huh? Who? What about the trains?
My boss: Well I don’t see the reason. . .

We’re leaving at 2. She can talk to herself about it until her husband comes with his SUV to pick her up.

It’s still snowing!! Make it stop!

Here in the DC area, it’s been cold & windy with flurries for the past couple of days. I don’t usually see windchills that low unless I’m in Illinois for the Holidays!

I’m in GA and it’s been beautiful here. Not a cloud in the sky :slight_smile: a little windy though…

It’s 38 degrees here in Baltimore right now. Today was 45 with little wind. Tomorrow’s supposed to be even warmer. C’mon spring! Hurry up and get here, already.

Western PA, here.

We got a good amount of that good, thick packing snow. Unfortunatly, it decided not to stick to the roads. The trees and yards are very pretty, but I’m still in school and have been all week. It wasn’t bad here at all. The roads were slick for a while, but I’ve been in worse stoms. This year even…