Anyone Else in the Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm?

Yesterday’s forecast was a dusting from snow showers. Later in the day it was 1 to 3 inches. Then it was 3 to 5. Last night they upped it from 4 to 8 inches. It started snowing heavily a few hours ago. We already have 5 inches and the heaviest snow is not even here yet. The forecast now is 6 to 10 inches. My sister in Boone North Carolina is looking at a foot and a half.

My bridge tournament game was called off for today. I had asked off from work to play, and I feel kind of bad not having gone in to the store after the game was cancelled to help with the grocery madness/panic. But I would have gotten trapped in town and I am glad to be home (an hour south of the job) with my wife instead of leaving her by herself to take care of the house and pets.

Anyone else getting snowed under?

We’re getting it in Richmond, VA. Woke up a little early so I could get my groceries, and the store was a pandemonium. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my office will be closed all day tomorrow.

This morning, we were promised less than an inch, maybe. Well, it’s coming down now, and I just looked at the forecast - 3-5" predicted.

This time last week, I was in Costa Rica, roasting in the humidity… :smack:

We got around 5-6 inches, but it’s melting pretty quickly.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen snow before Winter officially started.

Last time I checked few hours ago, we had 8-1/2 inches of snow and it was still snowing. Looks like we’ve switched over to freezing rain now. One of our Leyland cypresses is down - for now the section of fence it’s lying on is still upright, but that may change. We were in the donut hole of uncertainty in central NC. We’ve gotten about twice as much snow as folks just 10 miles east of us.

It is snowing insanely heavy right now. I think we are close to 10 inches at this point with several more hours to go.

You have my sympathy. I was displeased with the various meteorologists last month when NJ/NY was pummeled by close to a foot of snow when they had all said “wintry mix, 1inch, some icing”

My drive home took 10 hours that day.

I can only imagine what a similar storm would do in the Carolinas. Be safe and keep warm!

What is “snow”? :confused:

79 degrees here late morning. Looks to be another pleasant, balmy day.

My sister in Radford. Virginia says they got at least a foot of snow. As of about 5pm their time, it’s starting to let up.

I’m in Raleigh, NC and we got 8" at my house. School’s closed tomorrow; office is closed tomorrow. It’s going to be 60 on Friday - I love NC weather!

Still snowing hard. I slipped in the snow and fell trying to clear of the deck and walk in the back of the house. Now my creaky old bones are extra sore.

I am still trying to understand how we went from a scattered snow shower forecast yesterday morning to 12 plus inches of snow out there now. I feel like they almost always hype storms with a worst case scenario forecast. So how did they get this one so wrong?

Same here. But nothing like the year we had flurries on Christmas Eve, and it was 70 degrees on New Year’s Eve.

There was a lot of uncertainty with this storm. Unfortunately you got the short end of it this time. Be careful out there!

The upper Mid-Atlantic (DE, PA, NJ) doesn’t know of this storm; sunny skies in the forecast. Can’t use ma showshoes w/o snow. :frowning:

Harrisonburg, Virginia in the mountains about 30 miles to the Northwest of Charlottesville got only 2 inches of snow. I am 30 miles to the Southwest of Charlottesville. We now have 13 inches of the white stuff and it is still spitting snow outside. I don’t know how my little Honda Fit is going to make it into work tomorrow morning.

as I said in the mmp " TO everyone caught in that storm keep safe and warm and hope ya don’t mind me thinking "glad its there and not here "

Our county got enough that schools are closed today and the Naval Air Station opened 2 hours late. I assume that’s because of back roads. I live a quarter mile from a main road, and my commute in was no big deal.

I think we got about 3" at the house.

We’re a little too far north for it here. It’s been cold all weekend, but not a flake.

No, up here in the frozen north, Michigan, snow is expected here but its down there where its warm! No matter where I move, the snow goes the other way:dubious::dubious:

Here, you listen to the weather and if they said an inch, expect a dumping of ridiculous amounts but if they say, 10-12 inches, fo-get about it…weather forecasting is something Mother Nature needs to broadcast, not people. “dont waste our time meteorologists because I know you’ll probably be wrong”