Hey Esprix!

I was lurking in two boards, this one and the sinfest one, and you started posting in both. Weird. Anyway, I thought I’d (finally) sign up and say hi. Oh and since I’m new (to posting anyway) hi to everyone else!

Oh, and Esprix, I wouldn’t bother much with the sinfest board. I lurk there from time to time, but I’ve never bothered posting cause they’re a bunch of wankers.

Welcome to the SDMB, Silentgoldfish.

methinks I have stumbled across a new-born flirt thread :slight_smile:

he he… no.

It’s just that the two boards are pretty far removed from each other and I thought it was a cool coincidence that he started posting in both. And I remembered him cause I was reading through those old ask a gay guy threads, as a friend of the family who has come out in a big way since last I saw him is visiting us for a few weeks. Anyway, there’s your boring slice of life story for the day.

damn, and here I was looking forward to another bout of flirtation… what is a cyber-voyeur like me to do… :frowning:

Hey Bagkitty, I love the way you type!! (wink wink)

Esprix still hasn’t found this thread, huh? I think that this thread is where he’s spending most of his time. If you drop in there, Silentgoldfish, you could probably stir up some trouble (in a fun light-hearted way.)

Lots of fun flirting and mock emotional upheavals to entertain all us cyber-voyeurs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw, I think he spends most of his time in chat somewhere. Hell, I can’t even get his attention unless I have him by the balls… :wink:


Ah, that was you that was miffed you couldn’t welcome me. :wink:

Welcome to the boards - glad I brought you out of hiding! :smiley: