Second-Guessing New Threads

You know, I was just sitting here thinking how miserable it is to be sick (I have a cold or something, it’ll pass by tomorrow), and I was going to post a thread bemoaning it in MPSIMS. And then I thought, “Hmmm, maybe that’s not such a hot idea - I can just see certain people jumping in and making snide comments about how I probably picked up an STD. Do I really want to deal with that?”

Chalk this up to learning something I had hoped, on this particular board, I’d never have to learn. I guess, on the whole, we’re really not that much better than the rest of the 'net.

How disappointing.


Anybody who made such a comment would be a complete asshole, and would be flamed to a crisp by a hefty legion of Dopers before you can say, ‘asbestos thong.’

Personally, I think it’s kinda sad that you would expect that such a thing would happen.

And I’ve just decided that ‘asbestos thong’ would make a killer band name.

You’re flaming us for something that you only envisioned us doing?

I was thinking that I’d let my cat out, but then I thought. Hmm… . Esprix might come down and split its kitty little skull with a petrified log.

Sigh. I guess Esprix’s a jerk after all…

fuck em… who cares?

Uh, well, I certainly never envisioned you doing it, but mayhap I was wrong. :confused:

And I’m not flaming anyone, I’m making an observation. I think my “I’m having too much sex” thread taught me a lesson. “Fool me once” and all that.

Well, if that’s your honest appraisal, then allow me to extend the same back to you (very much to my surprise and disappointment).


Hey Esprix, I generally find your posts informative and entertaining, so please don’t take this as an attack, but it seems to me you’re making an assumption about what would have happened and then blaming people for acting in a way that you have no proof that they’d act. That’s just negative thinking, my friend. Maybe it’s the cold. I certainly never would have said anything of the sort, and I’m sure the vast majority of the people here feel the same way. Of course, it’s possible some jackass would have made such a comment, but as Milo pointed out, they most likely would have been mercilessly attacked in the Pit for it, which, if you’re going to make assumptions about behavior here, should say more about this board than a couple assholes. I, for one, find the people here much more tolerant and educated than “the rest of the 'net.” Hope you’re feeling better.

Esprix, it sucks you feel that way. I hope when your feeling better, you feel a little differently. I for one find your posts pretty interesting most of the time. Too many of the long time posters that first attracted me here have left, and I would hate to see you go too. Hope you feel better.

I’ll jump right in and live up to your expectations:

I wouldn’t assume an STD (none that I know of would manifest so quickly) but anyone who is getting laid as much as you are is just ASKING to pick up SOMETHING. You should thank you’re lucky stars it’s just a cold.

It is the nature of humanity to carry and spread bacteria, viruses, and other unsavory goodies. The more humans you rub up against, the more closely you rub up against them, and the more nakedly you do so, the higher the chances you will end up sharing some of their beasties.

It’s just a fact. It has no inherent value or lack of same. SOmeone pointing out that fact to you doesn’t mean they are judging you.

Myself, when I go to Vegas I was my hands thoroughly every hour. It is a hotbed of germs…all those chips and money passing around? Yipes!

No no no, 'sprix. I don’t actually think you’re a jerk. My whole post was an allegory… or a metaphor or a gerund or something. I don’t even own a cat!

I’m I just think that most of us here wouldn’t tolerate that crap from a poster. I just thought it was a tad unfair to convict us of something you thought we might do.

We’re a gruff bunch, but aside from a few pathetic chancres here and there we’re not tacky. Besides, I’m sure our responses would seem even more pleasant when read under the numbing haze of NyQuil.

Now feel free to relax in the Pit and let the patented Vapor Action[sup]tm[/sup] soothe your sinuses.

You were afraid of people being rude if you mentioned your cold in MPSIMS, so you decided to come here instead? :confused:

Ha! See, it’s all that sex! If I were to sleep with all those people, I’d be sick too! Damn, it’s a good thing I don’t get to have sex with lots of attractive…<sigh>

Y’know, I think I could put up with a cold or two. And here I am getting my respiratory viruses from hanging out with schoolchildren in poorly ventilated buildings. It’s just not fair!

Esprix, I hope you feel better soon. And if anyone suggests that your cold is a result of all the sex you’ve been getting, just remind them that caring for small children would be as bad if not worse. And then sneeze on them.

Ah, so you’re a liar to boot!


Hey Dude, thanks for helping me get a grip on how I would have responded to your not feeling well. I hadn’t really thought the whole thing through and I really didn’t know that you expected me to attribute your every sneeze and sniffle to a STD. But hell, I’m glad you set me “straight” (pun intended.)

Hope you soon get over your cold or clap or self-pity (circle one).

Get over it guy. “Poor me” posts are not your style!


You know, ‘Asbestos Thong’ would be a great name for a band!

Even though I’ve not been involved in Esprix’s sex thread, I have been following it with some interest since it started. At first to watch all the jealous people (HAHA! SUCKERS!), and then for the ever-heated debating. And I gotta say, I can see where he’s coming from with this; if something I did was taken on such a huge tangent to such negative effect, I’d be wary of posting anything else pertaining to it too.
But I think we can reaffirm Esprix’s faith in us! Sure, we’ve had, and still do have, our fair share of assholes, but the majority of us (as far as I’ve seen in my limited experience here) are intelligent people who’ll listen to explanations when they’re offered, as well as slap around people who make idiotic comments to others.
I’m sure that if the above scenario did happen, the thread would quickly be 4 pages of people screaming at the offender. I’d probably be right along with 'em.

So c’mon Esprix! We’re with ya, buddy!

Esprix, I loves ya like a brother(incest is best!:wink: ) but if you think that “I don’t feel well” and “I have too much sex” would bring the same response from us, you don’t know us as well as you thought you did.
The first statement will bring you tons of dubious advice on how to make you feel better, and the second…well, you’ve seen the second.
As far as “pity parties” go, I say screw the lot of you. And I can say that because I’m a true “3” on the Kinsey Scale! :slight_smile:

Gee Esprix, at least you didn’t say you have a sore throat, then people would think it was from…

Alphagene HAD a cat, until poor lil’ Alphapussy had a run-in with me and my petrified log.

C’mon, you think he makes those things UP? Truth is stranger than fiction, man. Believe it.

Esprix - I know you’re kind of down because you’ve had to deal with some ignorant people here, but isn’t that kind of the point of this place - to educate the ignorant? If no ignorant people showed up here, how could we educate them?

Maybe you’re just tired. That’s cool. But you’ll pardon me if I don’t join the pity party.

Yes, some people admonished you in that thread, but many others came to your defense. You are an admired and valued member of the SDMB, and there is no reason to feel sorry for yourself. Yes, there are some homophobic jerks on the board, but you know what? They’re homophobic jerks, so who cares what they think? As Mark Twain observed, “I have found that I can live without the good opinion of morons.”