Hey everyone [New Poster Introduction]

I’m new.

I work for a railroad. I do enjoy it and if I could answer any questions I’d be happy to help.

Hi, I’m Eutychus, rush chairman. Damn glad to meet you.

Welcome. You’ve made a wise choice.

The thing to do would be to start a thread titled “Ask the Railroad Guy”. There is a long tradition of “Ask the (some sort of expert)” threads.

Hello and welcome.

Some questions:

Do you ever get The Wrong Type Of Snow where you work?

Do trains get delayed or cancelled because of Leaves On The Line?

Do commuters regularly have to stand after paying an outlandish sum of money for a season ticket?

Do you need to re-mortgage your house to buy a stale ham sandwich on the train?

Or are these just British phenomena?

Do you work an eight hour day, or is it really all the live long day?

Hello, FollowMeDown, and welcome to our little corner of the Internet. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Do you mean a big, infrastructure-type railroad or Lionel? :wink:

What is your professional opinion of the management style of Sir Topham Hatt?

Can’t you hear the whistle blowing?

Nice tie. Is that a clip-on?

FollowMeDown, what is your job with the railroad?

Welcome. This is a great place to pass the time away.

you were just born?

and you can already type? Impressive.

how early do you have to get up?

Welcome to the boards FollowMeDown.

We encourage our posters to use descriptive thread titles, so I’m going to go ahead and edit your title to make it more clear this is a “New Poster Introduction” thread. It’s no big deal and I’m happy to help out.

Hope you enjoy meeting everyone.

::Hands FollowMeDown a basket a muffins::

Welcome to the SDMB! What prompted you to join our board?

My Grandfather was a brakeman for the Delaware & Hudson Railway for over 40 years.

Welcome, welcome! Would you like some ice cream? I think we’ve got the recipe working now.

Greetings and welcome to the straight dope! How did you start working for the railroad? Did
you build model trains as a kid and work your way up to the real thing?

What? No “pulling a train” jokes yet? I’m almost ashamed of all you.

Welcome and don’t let this all derail (sorry) you too much. We’re a pretty good crew (sorry again) but tend towards the silly sometimes.

Is there any relationship between “I’ve been working on the railroad” and the Illuminati? I have this theory you see and it all starts back with the Spanish inquisition and…


Didn’t expect that.