Hey gay guys! There's a bunch of straight men talking about their penises

at this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?postid=1143730#post1143730

Well about urination really, but that involves penises, doesnt it. I was strangely turned on, anyway.

Oh - do you all think I’m weird now?

Well I am. I am weird, do you hear, and I’m glad. Yes, glad - hahahahaha! (stubs out cigarette savagely, flings tattered feather boa around neck, stalks defiantly to bead-curtained exit, walks into doorjamb, exits, dazed)

[sub]Time to say goodnight.[/sub]

I don’t know who he is, but I like him - he’s silly.


Oh Esprix, you’re only saying that so he’ll let you borrow his boa! :wink:

Mmmmmm. Penises.

Well, he’s a happy sort of crazy. I say we keep him.

(Ashy stifles breaking out into laughter)
Quoted from Hokienautic:
“I was in Reagan National Airport in DC last week and walked into the restroom, and when I went to the wall of urinals, there’s this guy there with his pants around his ankles using the urinal.”

[sub]The mental image is too much for me to bear.[/sub]

sniff sniff Smells a bit pointless to me.

um, can i talk about my penis in this thread? i have a song i sing to my penis: its that old peter cetera song that goes “youre the biggest part of meeee”

We talk about penises a lot in my English 112 class. But my English professor doesn’t say “penis”–he says “phallus.” As in, “The snake described on page 120 represents Ned’s phallus, which he was rubbing most vigorously on page 102.”

I don’t know if this is the same song done by a different person, but “Biggest Part of Me” was recorded by Ambrosia.


ehe eheheh…ehehe…you said penis…ehehehe…

How come only gay guys? Straight girls like penii too. Especially if it’s the biggest part of you. No, whataminit. Is it bigger than your head? (I mean the one on your shoulders, Beavis). Because if it’s bigger’n that then you have some major anatomy problems.

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I think I like the pit after all, hehehehe

many thanks, msrobyn.