HEY...I AM NEW!!!!

Oh Rodimus Prime
Watch out for Hardygrrl…she is very bad :smiley:

hardygrrl-thanx for the warm welcome…

nicktz-um…what does that mean???

She’s not bad. She’s naughty.

Big difference. :wink:

Welcome to your new addiction, Kev.

um…like what kind of naughty???..o and i know it is addictive…i was bout to die when the other board i went to broke down…sigh…but i found this place…and it is so much better…

Welcome Rodimus.
We get all types here. (I’m English myself, but no-one seems to mind.)
I expect you’ll enjoy the Smilies available to you. :cool:

Did I mention I’m a teacher?
sew wen u typ lik this i get mildy anoyed … wel u c their iz now eh chants that* u wil knot bee ec to folow … * eye koudnt’ fink ov away two mispel zis butt giv me thyme … now u shud udderstand y eye fink hit iz beter to preview stuf and put in ful stops witch lett yore listner (wel mebbe knot listner but thee perzone watt is reeding wot u rote any way) con zen trait …

damn…u guys are one hard bunch to get along w/…as soon as i get here you complain of my typing…and now b/c i talked to my g/f here…damn…fukk it…i am gone…i don’t need this BS…u stuck up b.itches can go fukk yourselves…your too damn serious…its just a message board…

Okay, Rule Number One states that all pissing and moaning be done in The Pit, so take it to the appropriate forum.

Oh, and grow up. Quick.

Yes, it is just a messege board. A messege board that has a few solid rules, like the one I already mentioned. It also has several suggestions that most people have no problem with because they are simple courtesy.

Punctuation, basic grammar, and capitalization just make whatever you want to say easier to read. Isn’t the point of posting to let other people read your words? Why intentionally make it difficult for them? Besides, misspelling every word in your post, when 98% of the rest of the posters manage to write well, only makes us wonder if you aren’t as educated, or perhaps you just think obsfucating is cool and that you’re somehow being better than we are.

I’m the local punctuation Nazi around these parts. You have been fined for:

3.225.B: Abusing the apostrophe.

Please report to the BBQ Pit for your punishment and/or fine.

And to the new guy:

“its just i really don’t see the point”

The point: to make things easier for everyone else. To boldly go where you evidently have not gone before: clear, concise, proper English.

“i mean it isn’t like u can’t understand me…so…i must remain as i am…i can’t change…”

Assuming for the moment that you intended that as it sounded, it follows that:

If we can’t understand you, you must remain in some form other than as you are, and that you can change.

Now, if I’m interpreting what you said wrong, obviously at least one person can’t understand you. I leave it to my fellow dopers to figure the rest of this out, because my brain hurts.

Awww… So soon? But you just got here!

::sobs uncontrollably::

Please don’t go! You’ll be missed so much!!!


You guys suck! You were such assholes to him that you made him leave. And I bet his g/f goes with him!!! You people can be so cruel.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Feel free and buh bye. Don’t let the door hit you and all that jazz. Take your illiteracy with you, it’s stinking up the place.

Anybody get a funny feeling about the sudden change in attitude?

The mescaline kicked in?

Not that I expect you to read or heed this, but this is a message board, not a chat room. This also happens to be a message board of people with high standards who enjoy seeing proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Exactly. This is not the place for your private chats. That is what e-mail or instant messaging is for. Don’t waste our time and bandwidth for personal stuff between you and your gf.

It’s a message board dedicated to fighting ignorance. That includes ignorance of proper spelling, grammar, and puncuation, all of which you have violated here. We don’t need your BS either, buh-bye.

did he leave yet… (looks both ways…) man…whatta d.ouche…

Look bucky-I don’t mind that you want to be an individual by posting in the style of all the other teenage individuals.
I don’t mind the “I ain’t gotta follow the rules” attitude.
I don’t even mind the short fuse.
But by the IPU Herself, don’t you dare misspell one of the most useful and precious words in the English language-“Fuck”!

I may be in love. :wink:

If you only knew, Nicklz, if you only knew…

I become confused very easily so I’ll say both a quick hello and goodbye to Mr Prime so I cover my a$$. Good luck to you sir.

Is he gone already?

One day here, and then a self-imposed exile.

Damn kids.

Goodbye Rodimus Prime.
If he was so dead set about not capitalizing, why did he do so with his username?

Do I smell a troll here?

Three hours! {checks charts} It’s a new board record!