HEY...I AM NEW!!!!

[old man]
ohhh, kids these days
[/old man]

See, they can’t adapt. It’s us middle age people (and that’s the first time I ever called myself middle aged) who can bend like reeds in the wind. It’s one of the blessings of maturity.

Anyway I’m glad. Reading his posts was like trying to wade through Square Pegs but without the humor.

Oh, and I just wanted to point out this last thing

Once you listen, you take that auditory data and compute it to get results which you try and act on, not ignore. You left out that last part. Only then will you make friends.

Fare thee well.

Apparently, even the power of the matrix couldn’t save ol’ Rodimus from self imposed exile.

Looks like Unicron wins this round…

so…am i the only one who…saw this …cming…from…post…no…1…?