Hey, I think a few of you all are in here!

Seriously, though. Check it out.

These people are FUGLY!


Oh, I forgot to add: Post a link to your favorite uglies, so we can all vote and choose the 10 ugliest uglies.

If anyone’s offended by this thread, you must be ugly yourself. :wink:


I’m not offended, but I am saddened.

I am too.

The ugliest of them all are the people who set this website up.

I’ve never in my life seen someone I found to be physically ugly. “Not my type”, sure. “Plain”, maybe.

I looked at some of the pictures on that site…and I still don’t think I’ve actually seen “ugly”.

Some of those people are kids. Some of those people have troubles that a visit to a dentist or a dermatologist could fix. Some of them could use a hair styling. Quite a few of them need to make way to see a doctor about weight troubles. Not a single one of them is ugly.

I’m gonna have to echo JavaMaven…the only ugly ones on that site are the fuckwits responsible for putting it together. Hideous bastards with black souls and empty heads, they are. They’ll have to examine themselves someday…then they’ll know what ugly really is.

Before anyone jumps me for posting this, I just want everyone to know that I find the pictures displaying and making fun of physical deformities or handicaps that are no fault of the person is terrible.

The only thing I find funny about this site are the bad haircut/terrible clothing/goth pictures.

It’s only funny if it’s their fault. They CHOOSE to have the bad haircut or beard, or to dress like that, or wear that makeup.

It is NOT funny to laugh at someone who was born with a physical defect, and on THOSE pictures, I echo the feelings of the rest of you.

To reiterate, I only find the pictures of bad haircuts/facial hair/bad clothes/goths to be humorous.

I’ve already mailed TubaDiva, asking her to delete this thread.


You guys are sad. Are we back in kindagarden again? I am sure these people had to take enough shit in their life about the way they look from shallow bastards such as yourselves without getting laughed at by millions of people on the internet. But we cant let another person’s feelings get in the way of a good immature laugh can we? Are we going to start with the immature name calling too? I am 100% sure that you will make fun of this email when you get it but thats what juvenile people do. Those are real people with real feelings. shallow pricks. By the way I’d give you a pic showing you I wasn’t ugly but why the hell would I need to show you that. Get a life. And you three aint so hot yourselves so you shouldnt be talking.

Well, before anything happens to this thread… I think there is a pseudo celebrity on the first page of the men’s section – Harry Knowles.

If anyone frequents aint-it-cool-news.com, they’ll know who I’m talking about. He is the founder and operator of that site, and was also a guest on Roger Ebert’s show, Roger Ebert & the Movies.

Just thought I’d mention this tidbit, since there is someone semi-famous there.

Unreal. Like we don’t have enough pain in this world already.

All I can say is I find the whole concept to be vastly amusing.

I don’t really have a problem with the majority of the site either. Sure, it’s immature. And I’ll second Homers statement that making fun of actual handicaps is never OK. But if it weren’t for that and the fact that most of the captions are pretty lame, this site would be just as funny as http://www.mulletsgalore.com .

I gotta beg to differ with you here; you wanted this thread deleted because you didn’t get the reaction you wanted.

We’re leaving it. If you get yelled at for being a pinhead, that’s just too damn bad.

If other people had been as tiny souled as you are and laughed along with you, hell, you’d still be playing.

No doubt who the real ugly person is in this scenario.

your humble TubaDiva
“Pretty is as pretty does.”

This guy made excellent use of that site.


I was wondering where he came up with all those pictures. :slight_smile:

And yes…I agree that it’s tasteless and wrong. But I can’t help but to let a little smile creep up on my face when I look through it.

If you think those sites are childish and cruel…you really shouldn’t venture here

How dare they exploit these poor helpless animals.

From the website in question

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Talk about exploitative!

Click here

your humble TubaDiva
Everybody dance!

Is the site tasteless? - Yes.
Could the creators have found better things to do with their time? - Absolutely.
Did someone hold a gun to the head of these folks to get them to pose for these pictures? - Didn’t look that way to me.

Aren’t we taking PC a little too far here. What ever happened to the distiction between a simple attempt at humour (bad as it may be in this case) and outright persecution.

Look, I too found that many pics in the gallery were unfairly characterized as ugly. Many pics were of people who were simply plain or un-photogenic at worst. But be honest folks - did anyone force that woman to squeeze herself into a corsett and pose? How about the one with her gut on the BBQ grill? Did she think that photo was tastefull or artistic in some way? What about the one holding the boxes of chocolate over her chest? Was she hoping to enter that in a beauty pageant? What about the freak with all the pearcings and face paint? Yup, I’d like to bring that home to mother…

Let’s face reality folks. There folks were going for shock value when they made these pics. I’m quite certain they had no illusions about the effect they would have on the viewers. These are not people who took pride in their appearance and in many cases they took the low road and sacrificed their own diginity. Many of these people have a complete lack of self respect. Should we pitty them? Maybe. Should we laugh at them? Only if pathetic losers amuse you. Should we villify Homer for posting this? No. But I personally question his sense of humour on this one. Then again, I posted that thread on Sean Connery and the missus, so who am I to judge.

people…time out…time out people…

the correct term is aethetically challenged…

but then again, I’m a troglodyte…so what do I know

(disclaimer - I am not implying that all troglodytes are aethetically challenged, in fact I have met cave dwellers who are quite fetching)

(disclaimer - the term fetching was in no way used to refer to our canine friends or the silly human games they feel obliged to subject themselves to)