Hey Krispy

Not only are you a disgusting, obnoxious little troll, but a cowardly one as well.

Why don’t you crawl out from under that sig, you worm, and face me like a man?

You have a problem with me? Let’s hear it. I’m here. Tell me what’s bothering you.

Is it because I laugh at you when you post your alien conspiracies? You should be laughed at, you fucking moron. You have the brains of an ice cube.

And because I know this, you decided to take what I said on another message board and use it as your sig. You are a spineless, yellow, gutless cokroach.

There’s a thread devoted just to you, asshole, and here it is:


By the way, I haven’t been banned, but it was a nice try, scumball.

Mental note: don’t piss off Wally.

I read that quote from you Wally over on another board some time ago. I payed 0 attention to it. Know why? Cause it is something I say almost daily about the techs at my ISP, the tech guy at my work, the techs at gateway, etc etc. Sometimes I say it about the mechanics that work on my car. Not because they are morons but because when technical things malfunction, it’s natural to become frustrated and blame someone. In a technical situation usually the techs. In a mechanical situation the mechanics. Its called the human situation and it’s a way to vent the frustration. It was obvious to me Wally that you meant absolutely nothing personal by that statement.

So for someone to take a moment of frustration like that and quote it out of context and broadcast it in a sig line sucks the supreme big dick. It’s not amusing, it’s not fair, it’s not smart, it’s not clever, its self amusement at it’s worse.

That’s my opinion Wally and anyone who doesn’t like it can sit on their fucking thumbs and rotate counter clockwise.

I saw the sig that Krispy Original had referencing something Wally said but I didn’t think ill of Wally by seeing it because it was pretty innocuous. In fact I thought it was good to see a person with some experience on the board expressing a bit of exasperation with the functionality of the software. Not having interacted with Krispy Original before and not know him I assumed he was a friend of Wally and was quoting him as friends sometimes do, grace/DRY being an example.

Since he appears not to be a friend, then I understand Wally’s outrage, as Krispy assumed a familiarity with Wally he had no right to take but I would suspect 99% of the people on this board didn’t make the connection and thought it was absolutely no big deal. The 1% who knew enough to know the difference probably weren’t offended by what Wally said either and were probably offended enough for Wally themselves that he really doesn’t have to make his case.

Contestant#3 aka Krispy is a chickenshit. He has always been a chickenshit. Such tactics are to be expected from chickenshits like Contestant#3 aka Krispy (who is a chickenshit.)

Gee I wonder if this violates his SDMB “probation” (you remember don’t you?) … doesn’t matter really, if he got banned (again) he’d just slither back (again).

Deja Vu!

What RTA said. I would like to add, however, that Krispy is a chickenshit :wink:

Read the Soccer thread in IMHO. 'Nuff Said.

I’d say Krispy’s credit has run out. He’s a nuisance, and adds nothing to these boards save aggrevation. Thusly, he does NOT behave better than in any of his former incarnations. Ban the fucker.

May I just say that it’s nice to once again see a good old fashioned flame in the pit.

Cleaned the palate quite nicely after watching Dry and Grace rub noses for a half-page or more in aha’s Lynn Bodoni suck-up thread.

When did this become the Tiger Beat chat room?

It’s called “quoting out of context”. Lord knows it’s hard enough to keep us with all the fora, threads and personalities. Taking one snippet and trying to put a particular spin out of the gun barrel is contemptible. It’s a cheap shot, whether it’s used by a journalist or common individual.

Krispy, Con#3, etc. etc. is a fixture around here. So is a toilet, but that doesn’t mean I want to hang around one. He’s verbally adept but sociopathic in orientation. Then again, I don’t enjoy attacks, obsfucation and brouhaha for their own sake.

There’s fighting clean for a reason, and then there’s picking brawls for ego.

I avoid Krispy because he bores me. Knee-jerk attention hounds become tedious. But when his actions involve a cheap attack on an honest poster, that crosses the line. (BTW, that applies to all posters, regardless of registration date. Sometimes it’s just harder to understand the trajectories.)

Wally isn’t perfect. Neither am I or any other poster here. We express opinions, talk, laugh, get pissed, get funny and are generally human. We’re opinionated, high-minded, low-humor folks in interaction.

Taking words out of context is dishonorable and cheap. Full stop. Have a problem? Email, or post a specific thread–and be ready to provide cites.

But this was a cheap shot. It was shabby, cowardly and conceived in weakness.

The absolute lastthing I want is a pissing match w/ Krispy (etc.) mainly because when he isn’t being intelligent and courteous, he can act like a real pain.

Don’t sweat it, Wally. Kolodney’s law: they can kill ya, but they can’t eat ya.


Great advice as usual, Veb, and I’m going to take it.

I’m done with him.

Oh no! Not that! Please don’t be DONE with me!

“Done to death by slanderous tongues”!!
–Much Ado About Nothing, Act V, scene iii

I suppose this means that an Ode to Grace, with 500 Shakespearean quotes illustrating why she’s the embodiment of female perfection, is right out of the question??

Oh well. I guess there’s always MPSIMS and IMHO (is there anyone else besides me who keeps thinking the acronyms are “MS. PMS” and “IMAHO”).

Oh, and since this is the Pit:
“Sweep on, you fat and greasy citizens…”
–Much Ado About Nothing, Act 2, scene i

“…with foreheads villanous low”
–The Tempest, Act 4, scene i

So KO is the thing in this forum that we all shit and piss on? :smiley: