Don't like info Krispy, then fuck off

Dear Krispy Moron:

Thanks for your kind note in your “entertainment thread.” A word, if I may.

(A) I don’t give a flying fuck if naturally lobotomized idiots like you like my posting or not, whatever gave you the idea I cared?

(B) However what does annoy me is the implication I go around by myself bringing up race to somehow “show off”. Leaving aside your apparent penis-envy like peevishness illustrating your apparent self-esteem and sense of inadequacy problems, I don’t appreciate the inaccuracy. I don’t start race threads, as any moronic semi-literate could easily ascertain.(*) Others, however, do. My participation is only for clearing up the wrong-headed ideas. Don’t wanna read repetition, don’t repeat wrong-headed ideas. Don’t like my style, don’t fucking read race threads. Or better yet, stay in MPSIMS entirely.

© Finally, I’m glad I’m a, what was it, ah yes, “self-righteous windbag” (I assume that means someone who can maintain two thoughts in his head) in your book. I couldn’t think of a better compliment from someone whose participation seems largely to be of value as an illustration that some of the brain-cell impoverished segment of the Fox Network demographic also participates in MPSIMS, in a likelihood in the role of circus freaks like WB. Wish I could say I had an impression of whatever ever-so-interesting-things you bring to the board since your unbanning, but ‘fraid I don’t. If Idiot-Bill would stay out of GD I’m sure I would have the say to say about him. Anyway, birds of a feather as they say.

So, why don’t you go back to reading something more in your intellectual realm, say the Weekly World News, and shut the fuck up. That way you wouldn’t feel threatened by people with normal IQs.

(*: Notable exception being the pit thread where I complain about having to repeat myself because people are too lazy to read old threads. Ironic, eh?)

For the benefit of the uninitiated, the following Krispy post is the genesis of the Collunsbury/Krispy feud:

…there you have it. I expressed my honest opinion and in a fairly mild and non-confrontational manner. But somehow, this brief post of mine incited Collie to scream:

…now I take this post by Collie as an example of “elitism”. What I derive from it is that he’s saying “people like Bill don’t deserve to be here”. That pisses me off. So in an attempt to knock Mr. Full-of-himself down a peg or two, I post this:

…yeah, I know…it was mean…but I think Collie deserved it.

Anyway, you can read all this for yourself in this thread:
Of course the whole situation escalated from this point into many other confrontational and insulting posts, culminating in this very thread. And as far as I can tell (with my limited intelligence and all…) is that Collie STILL seems to think that he is more worthy of posting on the SDMB than are WB or myself. For that matter, his comments above seem to imply that anyone that posts in MPSIMS is beneath him.

Well sorry Collie. I know that this is a shock to your system, but buddy, you aren’t any better than any of us out here. I repeat, you aren’t any better than any of us out here. So quit acting like it.

If you want to keep harping on the topic of race, by all means, enjoy yourself, but don’t for a minute start believing that your knowledge of the topic makes you better, more worthy, more interesting, or more intelligent.

Frankly, I’m surprised that someone like you would be stupid enough to think that you could ascertain my IQ based upon some posts on a message board. You haven’t any more than a reckless guess as to my IQ, Bill’s IQ, or the IQ of anyone else out here. You might be surprised. But without regard to IQ, not all of us here are interested in the topic of race beyond the first thread that we read about it. Genetics is not my hobby, as it is yours. Please excuse the fuck out of me and anybody else that has no more than just a passing interest in the topic.

Now in conclusion, I shall summarize for your edification, the gist of my stance:

  1. I enjoy Bill’s posts more than I enjoy yours.

  2. I take offense to your insults of Bill and myself, especially when they seem to imply that we aren’t as worthy as you of using the SDMB

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. You don’t have any idea as to the actual IQ level of any member of this board

Get it?

That may well be. I’m sure he also knows that numbers used to define intelligence quotient are pretty much useless. However, it is pretty easy to determine that a poster is a fucking idiot if he is well known for being taken in by many foolish conspiracy theories and tales of mutant moon-men mowing lawns. It is also pretty easy to determine that a poster deserves no respect if he is well known for attacking others just for the sake of the attack, posting repeatedly about specific topics for the purpose of precipitating a hostile reaction, and getting his lame ass banned, not once, but repeatedly from a message board community that is about as tolerant and patient as any could be.

Collounsbury does not do these things. You do, Contestant #3.

I love this part. So … the fact that he can, on a bad day, present more useful information than you will ever be able to fit under your tinfoil hat does not make his contributions to a message board dedicated to fighting ignorance any more weighty than your trolling?

Collounsbury is, in fact, better than you.

Get it?

…chalk up another one for the elite.


Krispy, I can say that I don’t know you or your posts at all, but I have tangled with collounsbury all over the place, much to the detriment of my position, which is constantly being revised due to constructive arguements from him and people like him. I am dense and the path is long, however.

At any rate, the level of race issues in GD has escalated above and beyond the God threads for a bit there, and collounsbury is desperately doing what we come here to do: fight ignorance. On this subject he is remarkable. There is nothing to flaunt but someone else’s ignorance, he merely presents the facts.

If people would stop bringing up race as an issue then he would stop posting about it. Plain and simple. Blame the idiots out there who just won’t get it, not him.

Collounsbury, I’ve seen both you and spiritus in the pit here. What are these boards coming to? :wink: Next thing ya know someone will start hating manhattan. Christ.


Sure, Collie can post all he wants on the topic of race. That’s just fine and dandy. I’m happy for him…really.

But who is he to trash WB in the context that WB shouldn’t even be here?..or that WB has no value…or that anyone that enjoys WB posts is an idiot?

Does the fact that genetics is his hobby and that he shares the information he has learned make him some kind of a god?..does that make him a better person?..

…and can I infer that either you or tymp condone and justify his ugly comments in response to my post that supported WB?

…and am I wrong, or somehow less worthy of a person for having no interest in the topic of race? Is it a given that a person’s value or intellectual prowess is measured by the topics in which they are interested?

These are questions that I’d like for you to tackle.

I will support the argument advanced by Krispy to some degree. You do need The Ignorant here at the SDMB if you’re going to fight ignorance.

They both have the right to express their opinion. Strange that YOU would seek defense of your statements by calling it your “opinion”, yet when others do the same, they’re condemned in your mind.

WB’s opinions fall on a more-extreme edge of the spectrum. As such, the consequences of him voicing his opinion are a bit more harsh. I’d be surprised if he didn’t know this. One of the results of him voicing such strong, “out-there” opinions is the fact that other people will develop strong opinions against him.

I wouldn’t say he has no value. After all, he keeps you in giggles, which keeps you from wanting to start more soccer-bashing threads :smiley:

What an idiotic question. Who ever claimed to be a “better person”? Nobody. But the fact remains that Collounsbury has demonstrated a lot of knowledge on the subject of genetics. I’d be more willing to listen to a person who knows a lot rather than someone who knows very little. That’s just common sense. You DO have common sense, don’tcha, Krunchy?

Oh, I see. You wanna be a martyr. Well, yer gettin’ close… all you need now is a white robe and sandals.

Again, an idiotic question. That’s like saying “Am I less worthy for having no interest in yams?” If you’re not interested in the topic of race, then a smart person would conclude that you shouldn’t read race-oriented threads. Just like if you’re not interested in S&M, you shouldn’t buy whips and shackles.

You’re just full of idiotic questions, Krunchy. A person’s value or intellectual prowess is measured (at least on this message board) by the things they say, the accuracy of their statements, and the helpfulness they bring to a topic. A person’s interests only shine light on - surprise! - what interests them!!

Hmmm…interesting that all responses thus far tend to ignore Colle’s behavior and statements…

…with the exception of ayn’s reply, the responses only serve to slam me…like those slams are going to somehow have some effect…don’t y’all know better by now?

Anyone here intellectually honest enough to actually comment on Collie’s premise?

Krispy Original, you don’t seem to get it. The purpose of this board is to fight ignorance. Collunsbury does an admirable job of fighting ingnorance, making rational, coherent, informative and persuasive arguments on topics of interest to board members. Yes, he is expert at discussing the problems of racism, and explaining its evils, but telling racist fuckwits why they have their heads up their asses does not make one a know-it-all.

Krispy, you admit you do nothing to fight ignorance, but rather only inhabit this board for your “entertainment.” Although I find this board entertaining as well, I try to do my part to fight ignorance. You, on the other hand, do little but exude ignorance on those rare occasions when you are not spewing merely bile or boorishness.

Of course we would not be fulfilling our purpose if we did not have here people with ignorance to be fought. However, those who defend ignorance with the degree of tenacity and imperviousness that you do, Krispy simply don’t deserve to be here.

In short, go back under the rock you crawled out from under, schmuck.

[sub]Does this make me part of the elite?[/sub]

Sure bildo, be an elitist…I hear it does wonders for one’s self-esteem.

All you intellectuals here do a wonderful job of making your point (aynrandlover excluded) using profanity and ad hominem attacks.

If that’s one of the traits of the intellectually superior, I’m glad that I’m not as “smart” as you.

I think are right.


Where the heck you get off calling me a circus freak? I’ll have you know my wife thinks I am a very goodlooking, getting hunkier all the time, and charming individual.

Just cause nobody responds to your lame ass bored to tears threads doesn’t mean you need to attack other people that have entertaining talent instead of boring intellect. Why don’t you go start another thread about the artwork and culture of the ancient Greeks or some stupid other intellectual stuff that only people that think they are smarter than everyone else will enjoy and leave the entertaining topics to me and the krispy one. Ok smart boy?

You see Wildest Bill, the term “Circus Freak” is just a term that the smart people use…pay no attention…

My my Mr. Original you manage to bring out the best in people.

What a bunch of whiny self congratulatory egomaniacs. I humbly suggest requisitioning a slightly thicker skin.

[insert rolleyes HERE]


[vb: I command you: insert rolleyes HERE!]


Sheeesh. Gotta run, WWNews in the mailbox and Cops is starting.

I tell ya, Bill, you are a just a fountain of sigs these past couple days. If I hadn’t just taken mine from your quote this week, I’d be all over this one for permission!

Interesting. I have only been reading the threads of SDMB for little over a week now, yet I can already say that WB sounds like nothing more than an ignorant redneck and Krispy sounds like a bitter twelve year-old who seems to be nothing more than gods gift to cadavers. Try doing something a little original…like growing up.

Collounsbury is known for well-argued, well-supported, and well-written posts, especially on matters of international affairs and the developing world. Oh, and race.

He’s also pretty damn funny and cool, and I’m sure if he came over and watched Buffy with me a couple of times he’d see the genius that is the WB. :smiley:

Krispy Original, on the other hand, is known for being an assmunch.

BTW, Collounsbury - I’ve got a linky-link for ya (sorry for the hijack):

I think you still gotta pay to get to the articles, though.

Dear Krispy Moron:

I’m glad you could make it. I almost reconsidered, but then your last moronic posting took away any shred of a doubt. Now allow me to clarify why I don’t care for you:

Well my dear fellow although I hardly “screamed,” my reaction was based on your idiotic comparison between the contemptible Wild Buttfuck and “the stereotypical PC poster.” A comparison I find to be insulting, well, to the body of posters on this board. Why? Because WB is a contemptible fucking moron --as self presented-- of such staggering proportions as to almost defy imagination. But then I think I made that clear the first time for the relatively literate. I suppose the sub-literate and the emotionally crippled might misread this, for which I apologize. How my personal preference for posters who post constructive, as well as funny things — e.g. Scylla who I dare say probably disagrees with me on many a topic — over self-indulgent, look-at-me-how-stupid-I-am freakshows gets to the following I dunno:

First, as I never said anything about anyone “deserving to be here,” I take this to mean you have self-esteem issues.

With some notable exceptions WB’s behavior could be characterized as moronic by even a low grade idiot. It’s not intelligence, its not elitism, its his motherfucking behaviour(*). Clear?

(*: See its not finding WB amusing — anyone can find circus freaks amusing — its dissing the other posters as I read it insofar as “stereotypical PC poster” rather implies negative things about the average poster in comparison with idiotboy. Hmm, but since you’re been banned numerous times I’m led to understand and seem to have a widespread rep for being an idiot, I suppose this might be hard to grasp.)

Hmm, well first implying a slam on MPSIMS in general is not what I intended. I believe that a clear reading of my post clearly indicates that I was mocking you and WB, not MPSIMS. That would be the part about circus freaks in case you missed it. However, be that as it may, let me apologize to all who are MPSIMers, except you and WB, as I only intended these two prizes. I have nothing against whacky MPSIMS threads on recipes and the like and often get something from them beyond their entertainment value.

As for worth of posting, well I’ll be frank. People who spread disinformation, endanger others, are lying hypocrites, generally contribute nothing productive to any given community, or any of the preceding, well, I don’t have any respect for you. Take that as you like.

Sure Krispy, not why not take yourself down to a nice little counseling center to work on your self-esteem and other your issues. Don’t impute them on me.

Frankly, I’m surprised you think that’s what this is about. My insults to your intelligence are entirely based on my subjective reading of your posts, not actual (semi-)scientific observations. My calling you a moron is in the subjective sense, I find you to be a moron. I do believe that we are all aware of that. Even you. Again, your evident esteem problems with “intelligence” and “elites” are all yours.

Then, and this is just a modest little suggestion whose obviousness is perhaps deceptive: don’t fucking read the motherfucking thread you fucking moron.

Here’s a little example of why I think you’re a fucking idiot: insofar as it strikes me that I am utterly incapable of controlling other posters’ reading and posting habits, ** it’s not my fucking problem ** that genetics is not your hobby nor that you have just a passing interest in the topic. Any more than your stunningly sad issues in re your intelligence and self-esteem or lack thereof (apparently shared by our resident moron, whose the bizarre introduction of self-compliments re “being a hunk”).

So, idiotboy, unless I am somehow forcing you to read race threads and god forbid perhaps the odd article or two, I don’t see what the fuck you problem is, other than some serious issues in re self-esteem. Which of course means I shouldn’t berate you, but I’m afraid I’m terribly intolerant and something of a bastard. A flaw I have to work on.

(Buckfuck Bill, you contemptible piece of slime, if you find intellect to be so challenging --as you clearly do-- then perhaps you’ll do us a favor and fuck off.)

(ARL: You’re right. I should stop coming to the Pit. Me and Spiritus need to go upscale, being elites and all. Oh yeah, I hate Manhattan cause he wouldn’t admit to using Coffee grounds in his analyses. Which leaves me hanging since I do! Stir those little babies up and splash them – wait I just remembered we don’t get coffee grounds in our coffee back home. Anyways, shouldn’t be down on yourself, you present interesting if sometimes weird-ass arguments.)

I see, Krispy Original and Wildest Bill. If a subject is over your head, it’s boring and not worth your time. Pardon me if I think that’s pretty stupid.

I’m just as likely to participate in an inane-but-entertaining thread as anyone else, and like many other people here, there are certain subjects more interesting than others TO ME. If I think have something to contribute, I do so. Some things I think I know a fair amount about - for instance, music - and if I see that someone says something I know is wrong, I’ll try to correct them. Am I “showing off” because I know more about that subject than others may? No, I’m simply contributing to the topic discussion. Some subjects I don’t know much about - let’s say, driving irritations, since I don’t drive - so I either read them without comment or pass them by. I don’t call everyone in the thread a show off because that can demonstrate more knowledge about a subject that I can. If that were the case, I’d be bitchin about it all the time. There are a lot of Bible scholars on this thread that know waaaay more about Scripture than I will ever know, and I wouldn’t think of deriding them because of that.

Regarding the pathetically snide little “smart guy” remarks, d’ja ever hear of sour grapes? We’re y’all those playground turds that beat up the kids who didn’t think like you/like the things you liked/knew stuff you didn’t, and then went home to eat boogers and watch “Charles in Charge”?

Perhaps the SDMB should start a forum for people subscribing to your brand of anti-intellectualism. Thread titles can include: “You said ‘ass’ and it was funny”, “Dead things I sped by on the road today” and “I just farted”.

Collounsbury, in a thread long ago you gave me a little insight on the whole “ebonics” subject, and I appreciated it. Since then I’ve read several of the subsequent race threads and I’ve consistently found them interesting, if a little esoteric to my feeble little brain (I am, after all, just a girl ;)). Keep fighting the good fight, but always remember that some people think being ignorant is cool.

Wildest Bill, I always thought you were harmless enough, if a little, eh, thick. It’s beginning to become apparent that the rather poor opinion of you many people have here might be closer to the truth that I initially suspected. Maybe people pile up on you for good reason, huh?

Krispy, I don’t know what your problem is, but you’re really acting like a dick.

I’m sure my opinion matters not at all to either of you, but there you go.

Been reading up on Coll’s stuff
Red up on some of Bills stuff
Only followed KO in this incarnation- don’t know what the old one was.
C si a very good speaker. Informative, informed, either psychotically in need of getting the last word, or extremely patient. Maybe a little of both. Also, humorous.
(Read- entertaining)

Bill, I truly treasure most of the words you write. I still can’t decide if you know how damn funny you are, or not. I hope your collecting your stuff for a small bound volume. I think there is more to you than you show here.

KO- stick around bub- I think you definitely have some positive qualities and enhance, rather than detract from, the boards. (I say this not knowing what kind of assholio you might have been in the past…)

((((Collounsbury, WildestBill, Krispy Original))))


Again, just my .02$