Hey! Persephone's Naked!

Been sitting here IMing with Persephone when she casually mentions "Hey! I’m naked!

Me, being a suave, sophisticated type of guy responds:

“Great! I’ll be over in 10 minutes!”


“No, don’t come over now. I’ll be doing my hair in a few, and you do NOT want to see that.”

Sheesh…I get shot down even AFTER a beautiful woman tells me she’s naked!

Is this why you decided to throw in some porn?

Nah…that was just some free radical thinking…

Slayer of Peepse

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m naked. And I just took a shower, too. So I’m naked and clean.

Soooooo…anyone else naked? It’s no fun being naked alone. Wait…maybe it is. :smiley:

Thanks for the link, Sassy! I was just thinking about Peeps this afternoon!

[sub]Really! I was![/sub]

Hell, not one to let anyone go it alone, I’ll get naked too!

Boy, the things you miss when you decided to go to bed early.

Reminds me of that old Bob Dylan song…

“Stuck inside of Straight Dope with Persephone again”

…when the vice versa situation would have been preferred…

/The Streak voice/

Git yer clothes on! But it was too late…she’d already had a free shot!


Absosmurfinlutely true, yes… But I didn’t wanna be vulgar. I don’t even know the Queen of the Dead!

Besides, being stuck in here with her sounds dreamy to me, too…

:::pats dantheman on the head:::

Of course you would, dear. I’ve been told that experiencing me naked is absolutely unforgettable.

That could be a bad thing, though. I mean, I am on my second marriage, and now that I think about it, I never did get too many call backs…:confused:

Well, is it like when one beholds Cecil in all his excellence? If I see you in all your purty nakedness, will I be turned to stone? (Well, part of me, anyway…)

Do not smite me, O Queen!

[sub]or if you do, then make it feel really really really really good for an extraspecial long time. That would be great, thanks.[/sub]

I’d get naked too, but I don’t think the people here in the library would appreciate it.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

And another thing… It’s not fair!

How come xploder gets to IM with you? Am I not cool enough? Ok, so maybe I’m not. But what does he have that I don’t? :slight_smile:

Oh wait… ICQ? I have that!

AIM? I have that, too!

O my Queen, O, O, O, O, O! I beseech thee for an audience! An audience, an audience, my keyboard for an audience!

Dantheman: xploder gets to IM with me because…well, because IRL, he’s the friend that’ll help me hide bodies if I need him to. :smiley:

But since you asked so nicely, I suppose I could give you an audience. Just email me first and tell me who to look for so I don’t dimiss you out of hand, okay? :wink:

OooooooOoooh… I think I’m slowly getting the hand of this “flirting with mature people” thing…

I’ll email you host-paste… err… paste-host… most-paste… soon.

I’ve found actual photos of Persephone, not quite naked.

Love those shoes, bitch. :smiley:

Pers, you tramp, you! Why, I never knew! :wink:


Yep. That’s her all right. Looks just like her to ME!!!