Hey, TVAA (and everyone else): Looking for a "computation" analysis of the Matrix

In the Matrix Revoloutions Thread our friend TVAA suggests (or seems to suggest) that folks who know stuff about computation are in a position to better appreciate what’s going on in the movie.

Quote from TVAA:

My guess is that the Bros. were “preaching to the choir”: if you don’t know some things about computation, you’ll be annoyed at the lack of explanation of issues brought up in Reloaded.

I’m a guy who doesn’t know anything about computations. If anyone can give a bit of detailed analysis of the Matrix from this perspective I would appreciate any insight you might provide.

(Since there is another VERY LONG Matrix Thread, let’s keep this one specific to the whole “computations” thing.)

Someone hasn’t been using their search function…

TVAA, would it really have been too painful to provide a link? The search function is gummed up enough as it is, without everyone reading this thread or interested in the OP now searching on every permutation of “TVAA”, “computation” and “matrix”.

TVAA, I don’t know everything there is to know about computation. But I know enough to know that there’s not a single, obvious allegory mapping the films to some aspect of computation. Why don’t you make it clear what you have in mind? Because the explanations in your thread (currently on page 4) are coming painfully slowly.

I’m curious as to what TVAA has in mind.