Hey Urbanredneck, stop slobbering over boobs. And no, real men don’t

I normally don’t bother with lowlifes such as this, but his hijacking of the gayity thread pushed it over the edge.

In this thread, our resident gastropod is confused. Actually he is perpetually confused but this time it’s a doozy. He’s been pitted before but on account of being homophobic but no one has taken him to task about his raging misogyny. Now he’s gone after men as well.

He wonders and ponders; exactly how do “feminist” men (more about that in a minute) handle the sight of cleavage without “turning into blubbering idiots.”

After becoming the target of some well-deserved barbs, he clarifies his question for all you uninformed, idiot women out in cyberspace by providing an exclusive inside report concerning exactly what occurs in the male brain when faced with unexpected cleavage.

Here’s the entire post.

After getting hammered by a number of posters, he replies.

My bolding

First note the rather low bar for “feminist” men, which he apparently doesn’t meet. So we know that he’s not “for equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity, all that.”

He ends his “contributions” to the thread by claiming that while he was misogynistic in the past, he’s past it. Well, not really past it, but hey, what’s a little hate between friends?

My bolding

Despite asking for input from feminist men, he refuses to return to answer the questions given to him.

Of course he damn well knows how to behave if there is a guy to smash his face in, but since he doesn’t consider women as anything but sexual toys, “feminist” men, must somehow have turned into eunuchs to keep from slobbering.

In a thread discussing women being groped by strangers, we get this additional insight into “all men.”

The lack of brains is obvious and zero indications of morals, but at least society can scare him into actually not acting out his rape fantasies.

And no, sexually assaulting women doesn’t go through the minds of all men.

With bad consequences the only thing which keeps him from assaulting women, what would happen if there were cases where he could get away from it?

Well, we know that he doesn’t want to know about a child getting raped because of the problems it caused her family. You know, because little girls deserve to get raped, I guess.

It’s not all sad. He does provide humor unintentionally showing his true colors at every opportunity.

Pretty obvious why his dates didn’t go beyond twice.

Get a game plan, figure out how to bamboozle the stupid broads and set out to find some good ol’ sex. Too bad his “true self” shows through.

Now a new generation of rednecks are waiting in line to take after Pop.

Creatures. Of course. Creatures.

Yup. It’s just the way they are. Redneck, you don’t even see why this is included in the list, do you?

More wonderful advice: Women should stay at home

By “person” he means a real, non-feminist man and “spouse” he means his husband. Just joking.

Not surprisingly, the only formal education he seems to have is from watching tv.
From the thread, “Where did you learn about Japanese internment?”

I’m shocked! Shocked I say. He must have had an off day and forgot about her boobs.

One last thing. In a serious thread about bra sizes, he’s got to wander in to shit on the thread with his adolescent schoolboy humor.

OK, one more thing:

Fucking learn the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re.” I guess Wonder Woman didn’t provide spelling lessons.

Busoms (sic) plural? On one woman?

Fully support this pitting. People like urbanredneck are why we have Trump.

And here I’m surprised he hasn’t been pitted for his “I want to post all the anti-vax memes but you meanies won’t let me without criticism!” stance.

This. Oh, so, this.

Jesus christ. I know a lot “rural rednecks” - in fact that would be most of my family. By and large, they manage to treat women as actual people - not walking tits, or “interesting” creatures - So we can’t blame the rampant misogyny on the redneck part of him.

I really want to know what he thinks he gets to do to a random naked woman on the street. He seemed very put out that a feminist friend told him he can’t do anything about it.

ETA to add quote:

It sounds quite a lot like “doing something” would be just men being men.

Urbanredneck: an entire town full of stupid.

When I encounter such thinking I am always reminded of how very apt a phrase, ‘beneath contempt’, really and truly is.

I have a suspicion this level of ignorance cannot be shifted, it’s way too willful and proud.

Save your breath, is the best advice.

IANAW but I suspect “so many feminist women dress so dumpy” because they’re tired of being accused of leading men on whenever they dress nicely.

Quite a few of us wear whatever’s comfortable. Sometimes that’s dumpy, sometimes it’s not.

(And I am sorry if that sounds snippy, it is not meant to be. )

There are two kinds of heterosexual men - those that look at women’s boobs, and those that lie about looking at women’s boobs. Feminist men tend to fall into the second category.


Feminism is about how you treat people, not what thoughts are in your head. Ogling women openly can be disrespectful and some women will find it frightening – more than reason enough not to do it.

If you’re unable (due to lack of discipline, moral weakness, general patheticness, etc.) to keep your gaze from very obviously sinking to women’s chests, then wear some damn sunglasses.

But most feminists couldn’t care less what you’re thinking as long as you’re decent and respectful to other people.

Blame whichever Homo first invented clothing. Homo Erectus was it?

ETA: Apparently, clothing was invented *after *humans evolved, which surprises me.

Fortunately TokyoBayer helpfully quoted Urbanredneck saying pretty much the same thing -


Glad to know that you’re another asshole who can only keep your eyes on a woman’s face when she’s got her guy with her.

Or didn’t you actually read the thread?

That’s not the same thing (or particularly close, IMO) as my post except in comparison to all the other silly things he said. Mine was specifically about how actions, not thoughts, matter, with regards to feminism (and IMO being a decent person in general). Multiple things the target of this OP said conflict with my post (and perhaps even with his own later post).

Huh. You know, UR mentioned not being allowed to be seen looking, but the point of that snippet was actually more along the lines of “I am totally turned on by boobies, so I want to know if I *were *to support all the ideals of feminism, would I have to stop being turned on by boobies? please note: I am not for those things, otherwise I would not have to ask, and also, BOOBIES.”

It addressed directly the only thing your post mentioned - openly ogling women. Which Urbanredneck said that he doesn’t do.

:shrugs: If you are going to deny what you say, no discussion is possible.


Shodan, I doubt there are very many heterosexual men who are completely indifferent to women’s breasts, but it might surprise you to learn that, even on a purely physical level, not all men find breasts to be the most attractive part of a woman’s body. And I expect even among those who do, most can prevent themselves from staring.

Forgot – opinions can’t differ with snarky Shodan. I can only be wrong – I can’t disagree.

If thoughtful Shodan shows up and wants to discuss things, let me know.