Hfa Program

I started a new job and said I knew accounts payable procedures, which I do. I also said I knew the program HFA, which I do not. So, they tossed me into the AP Department and I am sooooooooo lost. I need some pointers on the ins and outs of the HFA program which is ran on their AS400 thingmajig but, can’t seem to find what I need on the internet. Please help me.:rolleyes:

Your soooooooo screwed

Now was that necessary? No. Now how about some HELP???:smack:

Accounts Payable? You had best stay away from Herbert Kornfeld!
If you don’t know Friedman HFA, and you are expected to code for that enviroment, you are screwed. Http://www.friedmancorp.com/
Happy trails!

Yup, have to agree with Brutus and jtf here - you’re screwed. I don’t know the package in question, but if you completely lied about your job skills, then why are you surprised when you’re given a job requiring those skills?

Hmmmm, positive advice…ermmm… maybe you could phone in sick for a week while you take an intensive hfa course somewhere?

alternatively, go to your boss and say “hfa? you said hfa? Damn! I thought you said ‘Hey, Jefe!’ - you know, like you were just being friendly, and thought my name was Jefe…”

I leave it to you to decide which will be most likely to succeed.

like is said before…

They didn’t fire me. They now let me empty the trash cans in the restrooms.

Well, you guys are pretty smart. I guess that Friedman thing you mentioned is what we use. Go figure. Now, what would help me to no end is an instruction cheat sheet. You know, key short cuts, etc. All I know right now is F 3 takes you back to the screen before.