Hi from a new member...

I have lurked here for a very long time now and have at long last decided to become a member. :smiley:

I figure no better way to start off then to tell you… HELLO!!!

I admit I am a little taken-a-back at the intelligence found on this board…I just hope I am worthy :slight_smile:

I look forward to getting to know you all!

Your first mistake was naming yourself after the most hated Star Trek character ever, next to Wesley Crusher.

But I suppose it’ll have to do.


Howdy. Don’t sweat the apparent intelligence - some people here are downright normal. I haven’t met any, but there are bound to be a few normal ones in the mix, ya know? :smiley:

Welcome to the SDMB, Lwaxana. Always nice to see new, interesting names around here. Greetings from th’ South. :slight_smile:

Welcome Lwaxana and greetings from a different part of the south.

OK, I am at work but what is your excuse for being awake at this time of day Ice Wolf?


WOW! I thought Lwaxana was obscure enough to take at least a day or two before someone figured out the referance.

Personaly I always loved her! Now I agree 100% on Wesley Crusher (and his mother!)

Thanks everyone for the welcome!

So, tell me, Lwaxana (and don’t listen to friedo, I think Lwaxana was a hoot)

What exactly ist the Sacred Chalice of Reeks? And where do you keep the Holy Rings of Betazed?
(oh, jeez, that was incredibly geeky, wasn’t it?)

You must not have read any of my posts.


What friedo said. When I read your posts, I shall be imagining your eyes with eerily oversized irises and your saggy sixty-year-old breasts.

But yeah, welcome.

Welcome, from another newbie. :slight_smile:

BTW, is your signature deliberately misspelled? People will definitely rag on you for that and the lack of punctuation. So, you should either fix it or have a good story ready.

I gotta ask:

Just how long have you been lurking?

I have nothing to hide. Really.

Dunn wirry We all no t smat. N fact sum of us iz douwn wite stupud…


Have you lurked on any of our Trek Doper™ threads?

Your bio, my lady…

BTW, Welcome! And be sure to check out our geekiness on all things Trek in Cafe Society.

Now we need a poster named Mr. Homn.

Hi, come on in and pull up a chair. We need to have a little talk.

You’ve lurked for a while, and I therefore assume that you’ve read the registration agreement. It all boils down to two things:

  1. We don’t like jerks.

  2. We do like fun, bright people.

You seem (on the strength of two posts) to fit into number two.

I’m just going on my own experience here, but Great Debates is scary, General Questions is someplace you should go only if you are dead sure that you know what you are talking about, Comments on Cecil’s and Staff Columns (not the actual names of those fora) are full of nitpickers, the Pit is where people get nasty, and MPSIMS is funland. ATMB is just about useless for me, but that’s just me.

Welcome, and have a good time. We don’t bite, unless you ask politely.

There is only one more thing you have to know to become a successful doper.

Coldfire is a big smelly jerk.

Be welcome, Enjoy your stay.

Welcome, Lwaxana, and enjoy your stay at this incredible message board.

Heh. I got up at 7.30 am today (Friday) Auckland time (Daylight Savings still here for another week or so), so that’s normal time for getting the sleep out of my eyes, some coffee in the gut, and to say “Hi!” to new Dopers. :slight_smile:

That’s early??? :slight_smile:

(Sorry for th’ hijack, Lwaxana)

Welcome, I hope your stay is enjoyable. Stay away from the “Hi Opal” thing, and you should do well.

Thanks for the great welcomes


There have been times when my irises were eerily oversized but I assure you I don’t own saggy sixty-year-old breasts…they are saggy 35 year old breasts:p


Thanks for the heads up on the Cafe Society. Most of my lurking has been here and in the pit (but mostly here)

But I am always up for a bit of Trek so I will check it out!
and thanks for the link.


I will do my best to keep my jerkness side in the pit when she feels she must rise her mutated head;)


I have been here off and on for about a year now but the last 6 weeks or so its been almost daily. I seems this board has become quite the addiction for me.


I really didn’t notice, spelling never was my best subject…but I’m cute so I can get away with it:p


I can only share this information during a triditional Betazoid ritual, we must all be nude while Mr. Homn bangs a gong. There is pudding involved but I can not tell you more.

WHEW…hope I didn’t miss any questions