Hi Guys I'm New...

Just wanted to introduce myself before I placed my very first post!

I’m a single mom of two kids who drive me nuts…Started collecting dolls not too long ago I guess to keep my sanity (or have fun going insane)

My boyfriend works for UPS, we fight like cats and dogs but he really is a beautiful person we just have a hard time dealing with each others’ “issues” sometimes.

I work as an office manager/ personal assistant for two billionaire spoiled brats

and am ALWAYS broke…welcome to adulthood! :rolleyes:

Hi there. Enjoy the place. Ask for a raise (they can afford it).

Nice first post! Always room for another New Yorker around here.

Have fun, and please send your fee in small unmarked bills. Nobody will take the large marked ones anymore.

See you next weekend? We can formally welcome you then, and hear the war stories from work.

Welcome! :slight_smile:


Have you brought your can of diesel fuel?

All new members must donate one can of diesel fuel, to keep the server running.

Or you can donate the equivalent in cash.

Just mail it to me, & I’ll take good care of it!

Be welcome, enjoy your stay.

Doll collections creep me out. All those little soulless eyes staring blankly at me. They tell me to do things I shouldn’t to farm animals. But the animals seem to enjoy it, and it’s better than smoking, so…

did I just say that out loud?

Thanks guys!

NurseCarmen, I know what you mean - too many dolls in my room used to terrify me as a child but now I’m just afraid of people who do things they shouldn’t to farm animals (LOL)

Not to worry, me and my dolls creep out my boyfriend, too! You’re not alone! :wink:

:eek: Yes! :eek:

Welcome to the three-ringed circus!

Remember one thing if you decide to stay awhile. Caffeine is your friend… it surely is mine.

We’re not strange, we’re just odd. OK, maybe I’m just odd but we really like getting fresh mea---- cough new members here (resistence is futile cough). If you have need of anything, just go on and ask Horseflesh, Ponder Stibbons, spogga, me, EddyTeddyFreddy (although, she MAY have arguments with herselves), Sternvogel, and Lobsang (among the teeming millions of others here), and we’ll see to it you are not found wanting. K?

Well, I’d like to take this thread to introduce myself too.

I’ve been lurking around the board reading many posts and enjoying them very much for quite awhile (that’s not as creepy as it sounds). I feel like I know some of you allready, hope you will get to know me also.

I’m a full-time student, part-time bookkeeper and I sell sex toys on the side (fun job, doesn’t pay well). I am engaged and we are in the process of buying our first house. Yay!

I aspire to be a mad scientist someday and to be as smart as Cecil. I read, do homework, knit, cook, do more homework, bike and sleep. I am a champion napper!

Looking forward to being an active member of the ‘Board’.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the boards as much as I do.

I’m fairly new in post count, if not time–I delurk when I can. I do this from work mostly, so I don’t always have time to contribute very much.

I’m married, no kids, three cats. I work in marketing for a malpractice insurance company (yes, I’m going to hell), but I try to buy my soul back a little at a time by pursuing my real love–painting–every chance I get.


[munch munch munch]

You gonna eat that?

You’ll do well here. Welcome!

Two billionaire spoiled brats, eh?

Sounds like Nikki and Paris.


And don’t listen to the others, send your register fee to ME!

One of them actually knows them very well…the other dates REAL Supermodels! :smiley:

thank you, I 'll keep you all in mind whenever I’m having one of my nervous breakdowns. LOL


Fresh Mea…er…New Member :wink: