Hi, I'm Don Quixotic.

I’ve been a longtime reader of the Message Boards and wanted to start participating. I know a little history, enjoy reading and appreciate a good tunr of phrase. I’m looking forward to having a voice on the Straight Dope Boards.

umm, that should have been turn of phrase.


Very quixotic, of you. Welcome.

Welcome, welcome! Would you like some ice cream? It hasn’t escaped yet today…

Ice cream is good. It goes well with pie.

Anyone who can turn the phrase “turn of phrase” has no need to apologize later.

Welcome aboard! Mind the goat.

Sorry to join and run, but I’m off to bed. I’ll be eager to check the thread in the morning.

Well this is going to drive me nuts. I saw the title and thought “Why is Don Quixotic doing an intro thread? He’s been here for years, hasn’t he?”

I’m always seeing posts and thinking “Who’s the new guy? Oh, wait, his join date is a year before mine and he has 17,000 posts. Huh.”, but this is the first time I’m pulling the opposite blunder. A search doesn’t even turn up a username with which I might be confusing yours.

Ah well…welcome aboard!

What I want to know is how am I supposed to parse the grammar of the username…

Are you a Donald Quixotic? A Quixote who’s taking over the Mafia? More Quixotic than those who are Quixotic but do not warrant a Don? Help me, I’m having flashbacks to 12th grade!

Welcome, the manchego is on the table and there’s some Ciudad Real red as well, glasses are in the cupboard.

I preferred it when it was “tunr”. Now we can’t mock him mercilessly.

We do a lot of tilting at windmills here, you should fit in perfectly.

Welcome, ex-lurker. :slight_smile: Watch your fingers, keep your arms inside the bus at all times, and don’t pet the sweaty things.

It’s simple: he’s part of the X-generation.

I think there is a username like Don Quixotic’s - I’m having a vague memory of that, too.

Anyway, welcome, Don! :smiley:

You’re thinking of Dawn Quickshot, the porn actress.

I know. I was really surprised that the name was not taken. I like the hint of the mafia in the Don part of it, and the tilting at windmills that comes from the Quixote part. Quixotic is an apt description of how my internet behavior will be as I develop my internet presence.

Do you pronounce it “kwiks-ot’-ik” or “key-hoe’-tik”? (I mean, I know the “correct” definition, but if it’s your name you get to decide).

Exactly. I think I prefer key-hoe-tick

Welcome aboard Don! Enjoy your stay!!