Hi, I'm not so new here

I just wanted to say hello, is all. I’ve been lurking since the mid '90s, though I can also skulk, and occasionally sulk.

I’m really jazzed that my first question was answered by Gabriela! Just as good as Cecil if you ask me. :cool:

So a little about myself. I have exactly 2 kids, and I’m also a Mormon living in Texas. So that has to be some kind of minority, I think. Not enough for government assistance, I suppose. Happily married. I also like chocolate, but I doubt that helps my enrollment into any kind of minority special interest group. It’s probably just as well, judging by the size of my gut.

Oh, and I feel that all the proof of God’s existence you need can be seen in the design of a springform pan. I mean, come on: airplanes and and Legos and the internet are really good designs, but obviously marred by the flaws of mankind; lobsters and antelope and 7-banded armadillos are beautiful to behold but there’s plenty evidence to suggest they have evolved that way. But a springform pan, oh-ho! A springform pan is freaking brilliant. Look at how well its shape holds the most divine of desserts: the Oreo-crusted strawberry fudge cheesecake. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, if I were to get onto some kind of socio-political soapbox, I would suggest that, in a world where we can’t seem to keep from beating up on each other, trying to get evolution out of our schools should be the least of anyone’s concerns, I don’t care how literally you take the Bible, it still says don’t beat up on each other. I would, actually, suggest that very thing, but politics bore…oooh! Shiny things over there!

So let’s see… Music: Billy Joel rocks, but now that he’s retired I need someone to fill the piano rock void in my life. Computers: Python rules, PHP sucks, and nothing scales in an enterprise better than Legos. Food: this is weird, diet Dr. Pepper actually does taste more like regular Dr. Pepper. Recreation: I’m ashamed to admit it, but Grand Theft Auto is a pretty fun game. Travel: anyone been to Kwajalein? Art: a more talented singer than Paul, but Paul composes music like a man posessed. Lame obscure references: sure, I like them, but…ooooh! Shiny things over there!

And someone really needs to put up a website describing Vernor Vinge’s Zones of Thought in lurid detail. I’d do it, but I have to be at work in half an hour.

I also have a killer Weird Al quote for my signature block, but it appears I can’t automatically put one in. Oh well. :smack:

Wow, welcome to the boards. I think you’ll be a great addition. Did you bring your own goat?

Uh, goat. Right. My own goat. :smack: I have 3 chickens, a pig, two duikers I brought along especially for this board, and a prematurely bald albino polar bear cub (don’t ask, long story.) The FAQ didn’t say anything about a goat. I wonder if the pet shop handles exchanges or returns.

Only in their original packaging. And make sure you get a good goat. They should feel tender but firm to the touch and have no bad spots.

Oh, and welcome aboard!

That’s Ok, we do have this once-ina-lifetime opportunity for you to buy your very own goat from the SDMB. I mean, you can’t keep it, it’s just for the initiation, but it’s OK, you won’t remember any of it anyway.
Oh, and watch out for the Squick. Behind you. No, right behind you.

What’s a duiker? Can it fight the Squick?

The SDMB in it’s current format has only existed since '99. You were around during the AOL days?

Anyway, I like your username; it reminds me of a certain song by Simon and Garfunkel.

Hullo Subway Prophet. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Subway Prophet–don’t let them tease you about The Goat.
We provide The Goat.

And The Squid.

I bet you cannot prophecy what The Goat or The Squid are used for, in the Initiation ceremony, though…

:eek: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Well, howdy Subway Prophet. You seem like a fun guy/gal - btw, which is it?

Some more questions:
Where are you located?

Would you like this shiny object I have?

Have fun with the goat. Can I pet your duikers? They’re kinda cute. You might keep 'em away from Hal Briston, just in case.


Yup. How 'bout Aniwetok?


I can only prophecy the subway schedule. And I have to be in the subway tube for my divinations to work. And it only works for the tube I’m in. And accuracy is only guaranteed just before the train arrives. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that, given the subway company and the rail line and the time of day and the terror alert level color, that long vehicle in front of me that carries subway passengers IS A SUBWAY CAR.

It’s a gift.

If it’s prepared, it can.

Erm, maybe it was 1999-ish. :dubious: It was so long ago. While I was still in college, which I graduated in May 2000.

Back then, we didn’t have calendars or digital watches or any of these fancy/schmancy gimmicks you whippersnappers use to tell the date. We had to carve gnomons out of soap, and we had to guess where the sun was in the sky because of the rain, and we knew exactly when it was noon becuase that’s when our empty stomachs grumbled the most, and if we got it wrong our dads would sell our kidneys to the Nigerian 409 scammers. And you know what? We liked it!

Thanks. The handle is one I used on my main BBS when I was in high school. I’m hoping someone will see it and start to stalk me.

Fungi. My wife’s the fungal.

Fort Worth, Texas. Better than Dallas, worse than Austin, and 100% smog-free (until the early 1900’s.)

That’s one hell of an assumption.

You know what? This really tweaks my socks. What kind of person do you think I am? Could it have hurt you to ask me if I wanted to be asked if I wanted a shiny object? You think that just because…OOOOH! SHINY OBJECT!

Well, paint me blue and call me a painted blue guy.

You mean Aniwetok the atoll, or Aniwetok the island in Kwajalein atoll? I’ve been to the latter a bunch of times. 'Course, we called it Eniwetok back then. But then again, we pronounced Kwajalein kwahj-uh-layne.

It was much easier to call it the Rock.

Somebody gave you a Subway Car as a gift?
COOL! :cool:

Have you souped-up you Subway Car? Do you take it down into the tunnels on the weekends, & race the conductors?


:adds Subway Prophet to “list of newbies we hope stay”:

I tried once, but I knocked the spoiler off at the tunnel mouth. I’m thinking of lowering the suspension to make room.

After that, I’m painting it shocking tennis-ball-yellow-green. You know, to make it go faster.

Could we get some more details on that Oreo-crusted strawberry fudge cheesecake please? I can’t focus on anything else – all other thoughts have been wiped from my head. I must find this “divine dessert” of which you speak, or I can not go on.

Oh, yeah – welcome!