Hijack this thread!!! please

This thread is here to be hijacked. Any of you aspiring message board terrorists, here’s you opportunity to develop your skills. This thread is wearing a big shirt that says, “Hijack me baby.” so do it. If nobody hijacks this thread I will feel a profound sense of rejection and probably have several hundred dollars of therapy bills.

i hope someone hijacks this thread.

No, it’s not the thread that wears that t-shirt,
that says, “Hijack me baby”,
it’s me.:D:D

Anniz, you are part of the SDMB conspiracy (as detailed by dropzone IIRC) aren’t you?

BTW, paradoxically, this thread cannot be hijacked since any attempt to hijack it would be a direct response to the OP.

Anniz is wearing the thread that wears the t-shirt that says, “Hijack me baby”, that lives in the thread that Bear built.

Anniz, I’ll call you later.

It’s been like five minutes and no legitimate hijacks. This sucks ass.

Speaking of really big T-shirts, I saw one today that was worn by a 26-year old with red hair.

He was on a bike.

The T-shirt said “I used to be punk.”

It filled me with a deep sense of loss.

I felt this same sense of loss once after the first time I beat my dad at chess. See, dad NEVER let me win as a kid so I knew it was a legitimate win.

I had video chess on Atari. It was so difficult and impossible to win, no difficulty settings. It also had annoying flashing colours while the computer was THINKING.

I rememebr in my philosophy class five years ago about something called a Turing Test (or was it Touring Test?). I t was somehow meant to determine if machines could think, but I forgot how it worked.

What the hell was Pee Wee’s job in the Pee-Wee movie? He obviously had a lot of money in order to buy all the cool talking furniture pieces in his house.

Does anyone know Pee-Wee’s job?

Damn you are good Turp.

I have no idea of what you’re talking about.
But, it is probably not good…:D:D

Oh yeah, I forgot. Pee Wee didn’t need a job. He had the bike. Who would need a job if you had a bike like that? That’s why he searched so feverishly for it when he lost it. I think.


Everyone knows that Pee-Wee was big into cocaine in the 70’s (for those who have seen Cheech and Chong’s: Nice Dreams). He obviously became very wealthy dealing, Duh!

You are all such assholes.
On you blabber about nonsense, and no one cares about the plight of the three-toed crotch crab, which is on the brink of extinction. You will all be happy to know that I am providing a nourishing habitat for about 400 of them right now.

Please, think of someone other than yourself.

Well, speaking of Pee wee- do you remember the part whee he says
“good morning Mr. Breakfast!” and Mr. Breakfast goes
“Can I have some Mr. T cereal?”

I loved that part because I liked Mr. T as a kid especially when he appeared in a guest spot in Different Strokes.
Remember that one? where Arnold tried to dress up like Mr. T and he got a mowhawk and everything? And then Mr. T told him that it wasn’t cool to copy someone else’s look and that it was cooler to just BE YOURSELF.
IIRC, Arnold’s goldfish (wich was actually black) was named Abraham.

I had a dream once about Abraham Lincoln. That when I was six. I dreamt that Mr. Loncoln was trapped in his log cabin and he was on fire! I distinctly remember how chilling the screams were.

Chilling- doesn’t that mean “Lounging about” in ebonics?

Like Turpentine said, that Small Wonder episode was fan-fucking-tastic. Much better than the canned peas you get at the supermarket.

(Maybe this is more stream-of-conciousness than hijacking…)

no, turp, chilling means lounging about in gerneral urban slang, not ebonics. And it is more proper to use the term chillin’. Anyway, rocky fought Mr. T. Remember? Then he fought that big russian guy with all the fancy gadgets and all he could do was run up a mountain (rocky, not mr t). The point here is, I own three snakes.

Am I hijacking my own thread? If you want something done right, do it yourself, and get help from anniz.


Has anyone heard from the hijacker?


damnit, not anniz, i mean turp. anniz, you’re lovely and all, but you just don’t have the profound and intimate knowledge of pee wee herman that turp possesses.

an anagram of Abraham is ARAB HAM

So what’s the deal with that?
And why did people decide to put “ham” into their personal names?
Were there pigs in the Middle East 2000 years ago?

But if I WERE going to hijack this thread I’d have several negative and unkind words about simul-posts!

P.S. This is not a hijack. At worst it is a tangent.

I have a friend who says “chilling” all the time.

I’ll say "Hey what’s going on?)
-“chillin, chillin”

What dya do this past weekend?
-“just chilled”

Everything, no matter what you say, he says “chillin”. I thought the word died, like “groovy”, but I actually like “groovy”, though I don’t use it really except in a more retro sense, as if all those included in the conversation are hip to be square
-here, there, and everywhere…here, there, so hip to be square.
I like Huey Lewis, but I don’t find anything hip about being square. But it was the 80’s.

I’m hungry.