HIJACK This Thread!

Only two rules:

  1. You mustn’t mention any topic previously posted
  2. Your hijack must spin off of some word in the previous post

Our house faces south

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary!! We’re gonna go out for SUSHI for supper. MMMmmmmm Wasabi!

What’s South America doing with current coffee bean exports? Anyone know?


Why·ma·ra·ners have got to be the strangest looking dogs I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t have one unless I am going to Bolivia this Tuesday and hope I find a nice restaurant. If on the menu they have a beach without a lot of people is what we’re lookin for. Miles and miles of cool, sandy pink parasols always remind me of musicals and add a bit of funk to my step.

But what is really strange is all of thehumidity we suddenly got this past week.

I think I was somebody completely unknown in a past life. This is really bothering me.

Cheese is good. . . also chocolate. . .

Yes, cheese and chocolate are good. . .There, I’ve said it.

Ok, I fouled that up. My post was supposed to have a “really” in it, and it was supposed to spin off of the really in Dragwyrs post, but Aholibah posted first, and I forgot the really, so go ahead and pretend like I’m not even here.

runs away and hides

It’s kinda hard to be totally off-track.

Wasn’t it Leo Tolstoy and his brother who had this club that the only way one could join was if they could stand in one place (corner, IIRC) for 30 minutes and NOT THINK about a white elephant?

If not, it had to be somebody else.

This scratching post is not in one place but going going going this is so surreal.:confused:

105 A.D.

Chinese eunuch Tsai Lun invents a new method of manufacturing paper from tree bark, hemp, and rags, making it a viable alternative to bamboo and wood.

Alternative music really took a nosedive once bands like Nickleback co-opted the “sound” and began writing crap.

[BeavisAnd Butthead]2-5-22-23-26[/BAB]

How’s everyone doin’? :wink:

Turn this thread around and take me to Cuba!

(oh, wait, not that kind of hijack, sorry, I feel like such a Butthead…)

Around what time? 'Cause I’ve got an appointment or six tomorrow. I can’t stay out too late tonight. My first appointment is at 7:AM.

And no, I will not go to Cuba. There’s Communists there.

Peeking from hiding place

7:00 AM is not so good.
Make up your own mind about communism.

FUCK Communism! (poster from the Mothers of the American Revolution)


Fucking is good.

Fucking Communism is better.

Screw them bastard Commie pinkos.

I have just signed legislation outlawing Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.