Hillary Clinton came here today

I went and waited for her to show up, so I could boo her. She showed up. I booed. I held up my Rick Lazio sign. The Secret Service didn’t find that amusing, so they casually asked me to leave, which i did, taking great care to make a lot of rustling and walking noises on ym way out. Then I ate a cheeseburger.

Ahhh, I feel patriotic.

Where was Hillary?

Where were you booing?

What did Hillary say?

You didn’t throw the burger, did you?

Did it have pickles?

How about mustard?

At RIT, where I go to school, in the gym.

On the bleechers, on the left side of the gym

She made a really “funny” joke about how this election is like driving a car. If you wanna go forward, put it in “D.” If you wanna go backwards, put it in “R.”.

Har har har. Then she started talking about health care and education and how she plans to destroy it all.

I didn’t throw the burger, as that was in a different building. I don’t like mustard or pickles on burgers, but I did get a piece of tomato, cheese, bacon, and ketchup.

What an uncivilized and rude thing to do.

I have no love for this candidate, but to do what you did took no class and even less brains.

Yer pal,

Six months, three weeks, four days, 47 minutes and 55 seconds.
8321 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,040.16.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 4 weeks, 21 hours, 25 minutes.

David B used me as a cite!*

No class? For booing Hillary? That’s a matter of opinion.

But God bless you for exercising your right to freedom of speech (or would it be called freedom of booing?)

Throwing the hamburger would have been tragic though. A real waste of good food.

Good going friedo!

To borrow the phrasing of your post, we NYers should tell her we don’t find her candidacy amusing, and casually ask her to leave. I’ll even supply the cheeseburger.

Thank you Pico. I was surprised at the ammount of animosity that she received, as this is a pretty liberal campus (there are Nader zombies EVERYWHERE.)

But, anyhoo, it’s always been my opinion that unworthy candidates deserve heckling. How else are they going to know that people don’t want them? D (Besides voting, of course.)

Alas, I fear she will win. Which will be a damn shame.

I forgot to mention the other “joke” she made.

“We’re expecting a record voting turnout next week, so in order to save space at the polling stations, if all the democrats could please come on November 7, and all the republicans on November 8th, it would be appreciated.”

Haw haw haw.

Gee whiz, you sure showed her. :rolleyes:

I suppose I am glad that my friends, who booed Lazio the other day in NYC, had a little more class.

Let me get this straight! You saw Hillary! in person! Heard her speak? and you were still able to eat?

Considering that they both booed, I do not see how they could have showed any more class.

You are right. I wasn’t making myself clear. They didn’t actually interrupt his speech, nor did they harass his fans. I just used booed in a more general sense. They were just there passing out pamphlets and answering questions.


That was a very rude and tasteless thing to do. You are my hero.

Are there any pictures of you getting tossed out by the SS?

I didn’t interrupt anybody’s speech or harass fans. I booed when she came on, when most other people were clapping, and I left soon thereafter.

Sorry, neuroman, no pictures. :frowning:

friedo… right or wrong, you took a stance. If you’re ever down my way, the cheeseburger’s on me.

Lighten up, Satan, political heckling is protected by the First Amendment. To quote the old cliche, if Hillary cannot stand a little heat she should get out of the kitchen.

What I find barbaric is that Friedo ate a hamburger without pickles.

Oh, the horror, the horror!

Ah yes… But when I excerside MY freedom of speech by opining that this behavior was boorish and accomplished nothing exact showed whan an asshoel friedo is, I should “Lighten up?”

I never said that what he did was illegal. What I said was that it was stupid. It accomplished nothing. It was, essentially, a person acting as if he was in The Pit when it could have been far more productive to act as if he was in great Debates.

Yer pal,

Six months, three weeks, five days, 3 hours, 15 minutes and 54 seconds.
8365 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,045.68.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 4 weeks, 1 day, 1 hour, 5 minutes.

David B used me as a cite!*

Well, Satan, I was merely exercising my First Amendment rights by telling you to lighten up.
Aauugh, this is my 666th post!!! I now belong to you.

Satan , of course you have the unalienable right to voice your opinion when you said:

And I have to agree with your comparison, but in the given circumstance, could friedo have actually have had a chance in hell of carrying on a legitimate debate with Hillary? Very doubtful.

IMHO, he had Two choices, either be one of the quiet sheep in the audience or (in pit fashion) express himself in the only way available.

Whether I personally agree with him or not is beside the point. Instead of sitting home getting stoned, he got off his ass and expressed his point of view, and thats not all bad.