Hillary Swank Forgot Chad Lowe....Again!

Eh, Hillary Skank-um, Swank (sorry, just like to play with her name)–meh.

What is it about this woman? I don’t think she’s all that great, frankly.

and was she channelling Julia Roberts last noc? She thanked her lawyers ? WTH?

At least this time she didn’t express the desire to french kiss her brother. (am I remembering that right?).

Could we be done with her and have another actress win next year?

That was “Angelina Jolie” - the skankazoid that won for Best Supporting Actress for “Girl Interrupted” (I forget which year). She went on to dump her brother in favor of Billy Bob Thornton, which remarkably turned out to be an even creepier relationship!

Oh. Well, where is the Aricept, 'cause I need it, badly!

Wasn’t HS in some movie about a girl pretending to be a guy? I thought she won for that and then had a truly clunky acceptance speech-and mentioned her brother. I googled AJ and even her acceptance speech for her Oscar says nothing about kissing her brother–did I invent this? How Freudian of me–I’ll have to tell my brother! I’ve seen too many award shows–I could have sworn that HS and AJ were the same person. (?)

As for Salma and Penelope–I believe they are twin daughters of different mothers. SH’s dress was fugly, IMO. And Renee needs to dye her hair back to blonde and have some ice cream. I wanted Kate Winslet to win, or Annete Bening. Poop.
Maybe I’ll just stay over here in the corner and blow bubbles while the grown ups talk…

Ah, so this is the thread where we launch into rants about things that didn’t happen.

In that spirit…

I can’t believe Renee Zelweger had the gall to fart audibly during her appearance! And the haughty grin on her face when she did it! I am so sick of her and her damned arrogant flatulation.