Hillary Swank Forgot Chad Lowe....Again!

Well, nothin’ says lovin’ like forgetting to mention your husband TWICE in your Oscar speeches.

Good thing she remembered her lawyers and sparring partners though…

Heee heee hee…

Umm… she thanked him first, before she moved on to thanking everyone she’d ever met.

Then I missed it. D’oh!

She started by saying something about learning from her mistakes. It was nice.

She also recognized the other nominees, which was extremely classy as this seems to have fallen out of fashion.

Poor Annette Bening, though.

Heh. I thought that came out really badly. It went something like “I’d like to thank my husband, because I’d like to think I can learn from my mistakes.” Now, if you remembered that she forgot him five years ago, I guess that makes sense. I didn’t remember that and I didn’t know what she meant. Just that it sounded awful.

That’s pretty cheeky, coming in here and starting a thread bashing a speech you didn’t even listen to!


Worst. OP. Ever.


Everyone is entitled to be an asshat sometimes. Today it’s my turn.

Be careful, you never know if the Grapist lurks about. Or adaggio1.

I’m a minor asshat by comparison.

This should be sticky’ed, just to show people what can happen ;).

Hilary Swank’s acceptance speech:

Of course I meant the thread, not the post…

She didn’t forget her husband. :slight_smile: She did however forget Poland.

Has she finished yet? I stopped listening a few hours ago.

I didn’t catch the whole telecast - what’s the deal with Bening? I mean, other than her hair looking like the refuse in my bagless vacuum cleaner bin.

This is the second time she has lost to Hilary Swank.

And also she looked like a surprised owl.

I didn’t know (thanks for explaining), and so I thought it was a dig at an ex-husband, or something. Or that Chad Lowe was one of her mistakes…

I know. At some point I said, “Honey, you’re wandering into Greer Garson territory, better wrap it up.”

Slight hijack, but -

I imagine that Annette Bening is spending today leafing through newspapers & magazines and shredding pictures of Hilary Swank. I’ll bet she has a dartboard with Hilary’s picture on it. I’ll bet she had one of those blow-up punchbag dolls custome made to look like Hilary and is right now savagely attacking it and hysterically yelling “HERE’S a sucker punch for you, you b*@#h! I"LL help you DIE! I’LL HELP YOU DIE!!!”