HIMYM 3/21 - "Legendaddy" *spoilers*

The mother is Barney’s half-sister. And they will meet at Barney’s wedding to Robyn.

There. I called it.

ETA: And yes, I made this topic mainly just to be the first to call it. But I will give props to the writers for keeping up the “Mashall’s Dad’s Death” storyline. Most sitcoms drop the whole death of a minor character thing after a couple episodes.

Duly noted, you called it. But I hasten to remind everyone that HIMYM has already been renewed for two more seasons. Considering Ted doesn’t have to meet the mother until the final scene of the final episode, there’s plenty of time left for misdirection, red herrings, false starts and general writer trickery.

Not to mention that in the above scenario, we assume that Barney’s mother would also be at the wedding. Would Barney even invite both his mother and his father’s family to be in the same room?

OTOH, if Barney’s mother dies, or if he manages to reconcile her with his father, all bets are off.

I don’t think they’re going to to wait until the last episode to reveal the mother. My guess is that the season finale of the penultimate season will be the wedding where Ted is the best man and will end with Ted meeting the mother, but we won’t actually know who she is until the premiere of the final season.

Dammit! I’m trying to watch episodes online, and the Canadian feed (because, of course, video is not allowed to cross national borders :rolleyes: ) is like three weeks behind now. Step it up, guys! I need my fix!

I wasn’t watching very closely? Did we find out Barney had a half-sister? I though he just had a half-brother.

She was in the photo he showed Barney, called Carly I think, and he said she was away at College.

I was waiting for Barney to freak out, as he recognized the half-sis as being on his list.

I have no idea how they will run finish the show, but I expect at this point it will seem rather contrived.

And yeah, the continuity for this show is legen…

Wait for it.


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I loved this episode! Lots of laughs … Marshall spitting the pill on Lily’s forehead was hilarious, and I too like that they’re still discussing Marshall’s dad. While HIMYM is a comedy, I like that it sometimes walks the line between comedy and drama and doesn’t seem like it’s just another “Very Special Episode”.

I’m hoping that the last season will lead up to Ted’s wedding. I don’t want to find out who the mother is in the series finale. I’d like to see the relationship progress just a bit.

Ah, missed that. If she is Teds future wife, that means she’s in NYC, kinda weird that she wouldn’t make the trip to her folks to meet her half-sibling. And ‘away at college’ to me would mean under-grad, not graduate school in economics. But I guess its possible.

Was the least funny episode in a while. And Barney’s daddy drama was kinda eye-rolling. Also the last time I saw Lithgow play a Suburban dad he was serial-killing people on Dexter, which added kind of a weird vibe.

All in all a weak episode I thought.


Is the wedding where Ted meets the mother as glimpsed in the season premier going to air during the finale or at all this season?

I hadn’t see any previews at all for the episode and had no idea Lithgow was in it. When Barney opened the door to his apartment and Lithgow was standing there, I had some residual creeped-out-ness going on from Dexter. But it only took a few minutes to remember how much I love the guy - he and NPH did really well in the driveway scene.

I don’t think so. The kids are in their late teens in 2030. That gives Ted four years (at most) to find her, get married, and have two kids. That’s a lot to pack into four years, especially since he’s currently with Zoe.

For some reason, I thought that house that Ted bought was in Ohio, and he bought it when they went there for a wedding. But in last night’s episode, it was in the New York suburbs.

My own prediction is that the season finale will have Ted and Zoe hit the crisis point in their relationship, either as a cliffhanger that carries over to next season, or breaking up allowing Ted to start next season unencumbered.

It’s never been stated whose it is, where it is, or when it will actually take place.

Two seasons can be forever in sitcom time, or it can all be the same day. And future Ted has already revealed (to future Wendy the Waitress) that he and Zoe would have a terrible breakup.

Ted freaked out at his mother’s wedding, but it was shown that came home and bought the house online.