History geek meets World of Warcraft

I was playing World of Warcraft earlier tonight. I was trying to get a group together for Blackrock Depths, an instance for 50ish level players. What follows is our conversation as best as I can recreate it, the names of the players are in brackets:
[weirddave](in general chat, a place where what you type can be read by everyone around you. I was looking for players to help me complete a task that took multiple people) Looking For 2 more people for Blackrock Depths.

[irwinrommel] Hey, I want to go to BRD, can I join your group?

[weirddave] Would you like some Anti-venom? (To be clear here: Anti-Venom is an object in the game that a player can take if his character has been poisoned, to cure the poison)

[irwinrommel] There’s no poison attacks in BRD

[irwonrommel] Oh wait…

[weirddave] Get it yet?

[irwinrommel]Dude! Lol! You sure know your history!

[irwinrommel]That was fantastic! Great job!
And I basked in the glow all night. I’m way to much of a history geek.
Do YOU get it?



(And I know about the treaty of Schelswig-Holstein :stuck_out_tongue: )


Also something you could use on player Socrates. :wink:


[irwonrommel] aka Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox, who commited suicide from poison IIRC.

Argh, I got it. That was bad.

And here my first thought was the lousy spiders…

(Which, on rethought, is LBRS. Wow, been a looong time since I’ve been in BRM it seems.)

That’s kind of bad, man.

On the other hand, I got some “what the hell is wrong with you?” looks a few days ago when I was helping a girl find her grandfather’s birthday front page on the microfilm for a birthday present, and there was some article on “Smoot speaks on tarrifs” and she was all <giggle> “Smoot? What’s a Smoot?” and I said “He’s probably that guy from the Smoot-Hawley Tariff.” What, that’s not obscure!