Hitler discovers a new Youtube genre

There is a clip from a made-for-TV Hitler movie that has turned into a You tube genre.

Here, Hitler discovers Ohio State lost to Purdue


Here, he loses XBox access

This his reaction to Terrell Owens to the Bills


There are dozens of these all from the same 4 minute segment.

Are there other clips out there?

There are probably hundreds of those clips by now. It’s been discussed before:

The first one I saw was where they broke the news to him that Michael Jackson was dead.

There have actually been a few clips where they used a different rant from Downfall. If we continue discussing this, it will eventually devolve into an argument between those who think that this meme has produced massive sales of a previously obscure art house film and copyright absolutists who don’t believe this sort of use is covered by the Fair Use exception.

The Where’s Waldo rant uses other scenes and is hilarious.

:sniff: You neglected to cite the original thread where all the fun started. :frowning:

I think you’ve overlooked the significance of the Oscar-nominated cinema movie Der Untergang (Downfall) - one of the first major portrayals of Hitler by a German filmmaker, and thus a cultural watershed.

(IMO, it’s the astonishing quality of Downfall’s acting that makes the subtitled clips even more amusing, mind you. My favourite is the “Grammar… what’s the word…” one.)