What was the first Hitler rant parody?

What was the first “Hitler Reacts to…”/“Hitler learns that…” video? What are the best ones? So many are being done now, there isn’t time to watch all the mediocre ones to find the really clever samples.

My favorites are Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks

and Hitler reacts to the Disneyworld Fantasyland Expansion

Hillary Clinton and the election was the first one I ever saw.

First one I saw was after the Cowboys lost to the Eagles in the 07 season playoffs, specifclaly 1/13/08 (well before the '08 election). Hitler compains about having just bought a TO jersey.

Wiki says the “banned from xbox live” one was the original, which was the first one I saw.

also, an interesting Nytimes article on the meme:

The funniest one I’ve seen was Hitler can’t find Waldo (Wally).

Well… Charlie Chaplin did a Hitler Rant spoof in THE GREAT DICTATOR (1940)

Minor correction: it was the Giants, not the Eagles.

To my knowledge, that was the first one.

the on e about Avatar is really really good though!

The xbox live one goes back at least as far as June 07, so it beats the Cowboys one by half a year. It’s the first one I saw too.

I seem to recall the “Hitler banned from Xbox Live” being the first as well.

The thing about the “Hitler Downfall jokes” is that you can put anything in the subtitles and it seems to work. Why is that? I think it has to do with Hitler being a universal punchline, combined with the fact that he was known for ranting and screaming, at least in newsreel footage that was taken of him (something the actor portraying him does well here).

Well, if we’re talking about Hitler rants that exist before Der Untergang, there is Victor Borge who fled Denmark right before the Nazis invaded in 1940. He had been doing Hitler jokes for a few years, such as “What’s the difference between a Nazi and a dog? A Nazi lifts his arm.” I’m pretty sure he was imitation joke rants of Hitler also. I’ve heard that Chaplin “lifted” many of Borge’s on stage jokes for The Great Dictator.

Found the Hitler farts one. :smiley:

And still the best, for many reasons.

Well, it may not be the first, but it certainly is the worst.

Here’s one that I found clunky and stupid, and I’m wondering if it’s because it’s badly written or because I disagree with the angle it’s taking (or maybe find it silly).

(go down to ‘ClimateGate Peer Review in Der Hitlerbunker’)

Best is still the “Grammar… Authoritarian Regime” one.

I’m partial to this one

The first one I saw was hilarious: Hilter learns the Balloon Boy crisis is a hoax

I thought it was funny as hell. Talk about weapons of ass destruction :smiley: