Hmmm... Former Pres. Ford not at Bush inauguration. Why?

Geo. Bush just opened his speech with a salutation to former presidents Carter, Bush the 1st and Clinton. So Gerald Ford was not there. Anyone know why?

I believe his health is not that good.

I’m pretty sure he’s not in the best of health now.

No linkable cite, but An Arky and Colibri are correct according to New York City’s Fox affiliate’s news team. They were discussing the inauguration a few days ago on the morning show and the news copy mentioned that Ford would not be attending because of his advanced age.

Health. Remember, he also didn’t attend the Clinton library dedication for the same reason.

He is 91 years old.

Gerald Ford became a favorite for the 2005 Death Pool after he missed the opening of Clinton’s library. If his health is so bad that he can’t go listen to a speech, then he’s probably not long for this world.

Two airplane rides, and a minimum of two hours in sub freezing weather is a fairly tough set of challenges for any healthy 91 year old man. Give him a break.



“Words fail me. I may have to hit someone.”

Who was giving him a hard time? :confused:

Well, perhaps I am overly sensitive, but assuming and impending death because of his non attendence seems . . . well, harsh.


Since no one has provided an actual cite, here’s one:

The other surviving former president, Gerald Ford, is 91 and in failing health. He did not attend the ceremony.

I assume you’re referring to Diceman’s post. I believe he was referring to Ford’s inattendance at the Clinton Library opening speech, not the inaugural speech. In which case, the subfreezing weather isn’t a factor. Besides, he was talking about the Death Pool, which will get any celebrity on a list if they so happen to *sneeze * anytime between November 1 and December 31.

According to my quick calculations, Ford will tie Reagan’s longevity record on 11/11/2006. Go Gerry!

I wonder if this is recent. I thought he appeard on “Larry King” not long after Reagan died–or maybe that was an old interview. (I didn’t actually see it.)

But only 9 points. Comeon Colin Farrell! (wait am I in the wrong thread?)

Ford wasn’t there? Rehnquist look frail? Laura was in white but the twins were in off-white, which is probably appropriate? :wink: Hastert’s really gotten fat? What does it all mean?!?!?

I haven’t had this much fun since the heyday of Pravda.

Yep, I was talking about the library opening in Arkansas. Also, he didn’t look too good at Reagan’s funeral.

I could be scoring big then. I also picked Kim Jong-Il and Augusto Pinochet and neither of them were at the library opening or inauguration either.

He was eaten by wolves.

He was delicious …