Hometownboy's revenge: OK, what was your class motto?

I had to do it. The “What was your class song?” thread made me remember Born Free by Andy Williams. We were the class of 67 and were pretty amazing in many ways, but not when it came to that.

So in revenge, I started this one because if you thought our song was crappy, get a load of this class motto:

We have mastered the hill; let us now ascend the mountain

Fercryinoutloud, a freakin’ * drunken ourangoutan* could have beat that. It has all the pretension of people trying desperately to be all serious and grown-up like, but who haven’t quite mastered the trick.

(OK, it probably was a pretty accurate description of most of us at the time, but we could have done much, much better.)

Now, having disgorged this painful memory, I await yours with glee (plus fava beans and a nice chianti),

Herndon High School, Herndon, VA: “To Strive, to Seek, to Find and Not to Yield.” There was a Latin inscription of it on the lobby floor, but I’m blanking on it.

“The End of a 12 Year Depression”

It wasn’t my first choice. As I recall, my nomination involved flying monkeys. But It’ll do.

Although I didn’t even find most of the years all that depressing. It’s hard to organize dodgeball games out of PhysEd. Plus I learned stuff. What a bad motto!

I hope you’re happy, now I’m all riled.

"Honor, Truth and Purity"

(the last words of the high school anthem)…


I don’t know that my graduating class even had a motto, but, considering the route that a fair number of us went, I think it probably should have been “I plead the fifth, your honor.”

I just remember something that went like this:

Party hearty
Rock n roll
Drink a fifth
Smoke a bowl
We are rowdy
we are fun
cause we’re the class
of '91

And I am not failing to remember the actual motto because of such indulgences :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to repress the schools’ motto (William R. Boone, Orlando) but our class motto was:

We’re the best you’ll ever see, Senior Braves of '93.

Gah. My choice was “Get me the hell outta here!!” but it didn’t rhyme.

“Let’s get this party started!”

I always imagine it being said in the voice of that lizard from Dr. Doolittle 2.

Try Not To Die!
Our song was Free Bird

1981 South Houston High
At least, those were our* unofficial versions. I can’t recall what the real ones were.

an odd mix of heads, jocks, and brains who all hated the preps* and had our own anti-prom. Way cooler than the official prom.

** the preps owned the student council and all the cows followed them.

Sorry to force you to take revenge Hometownboy:). I know that my mom’s was “Beer, Women, Wine, and Fun, We’re the Class of '71.” Our’s (Class of 2003) is something so syrupy sweet that I don’t think I could remember it without puking.
Our basketball student section recently got in trouble with the administration for chanting “Who Cares?” when the opposing team’s lineup is announced. (Now whenever the other team does it, we’re supposed to respond with “We Do,” or something stupid like that). It’s turned into a huge deal that has gotten the likes of Tom Izzo, the Michigan State coach, involved (he supports the students). Anyway, a lot of my classmates have joked about changing the motto to “Who Cares?” I think it would be much more fitting.

The class motto of the MSMS Class of 1992:

Our Glory Lies Not in Never Falling, But in Rising Every Time We Fall.

This would have been quite inoccuous if we had not all read Paradise Lost. :wink:

I seem to recall that our class song was Billy Joel’s “Pressure,” but I cannot find our yearbook to confirm that.

Ah, thank Ghu we weren’t alone. It might be nature (a dominant “inane motto” gene) or nurture (bad influence from Reader’s Digest-loving parents), but it seems the ghastly class motto is more widespread than I would have imagined.

It lessens my secret shame, at least, to know that others are equally culpable.

And, Amazingrace, it may have been just the catharsis I needed to put it behind me and move on. Thanks.