homosexual terminology

While in Toronto on the weekend my friend and I were reading a magazine in the village called “Fab”. We read articles referring to such terms as rimming and shrimping. What exactly is this and is it a male thing? Being female we never heard these terms in our circles.

‘Rimming’ is not an exclusively homosexual term ( at least not if it is being used in the sense in which I know it). It is anilingus, i.e. using the tongue to stimulate the anus. ‘Shrimping’, I have no idea.

There are two definitions of “shrimping” as they relate to sex. You can google them both. Try

“shrimping toes”


“shrimping straw”

Warning: the results you get are probably not safe to view at work.

yeah, at least in the vernacular i’ve heard, shrimping typically refers to your garden variety toe-sucking foot fetishes, and is not limited to gays.

Of course we pioneered the terminology, but then we’re always ahead of the game. :wink: