Hope springs eternal for Bengals fans, doesn't it?

Cincinnati television channel cancels Playoff Special.

This is funny for a couple of reasons:

  1. They actually scheduled a playoff special in Cincinnati, as if two good seasons in a row were something even remotely possible, all evidence to the contrary.

  2. The Bengals were eliminated in what, August? It was a long time ago, whatever the date was, yet this remained on the schedule. It looks like the station management is only slightly more competent than the Bengals’ management.

  3. They could have run with it and made it a Draft Special. I’m sure the fans would like some input on who the next Bengals bust will be. Think outside the box, for God’s sake!

  4. This may be the last thing associated with the Bengals to have “playoffs” in the title for a very long time.

Too bad. So much opportunity wasted.

We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. In order to keep an NFL team in town, we had to build Mike Brown a new stadium. Unfortunately, that meant keeping Mike Brown. Until he’s gone, we’ll never go anywhere because Brown has found that it is more profitable to be a losing team than to be a winning team.

Mike Brown is an embarrassment but he’s still a one-man monopoly. Worse, he procreated, so even when he’s gone and buried, we’ll get to deal with his daughter and son-in-law.

Me? I’d have let them find another sucker city to build a stadium for his crappy team.

Uh… no.

Ah, there’s the smug condescension that everyone likes about Steeler fans!

I intended this for you. Thanks for showing up.


I kinda figured that. Glad I could help out. Sure, the Bengals are an easy target and an often inept franchise, and yes, I did talk some shit coming into this season.

But all signs did in fact point to the Bengals being improved this season. And it didn’t work out, for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is a frugal, headstrong owner that can’t get with the times.

Ah well…there’s always next year!

May I ask about Cincy’s perception of Carson Palmer?

I think they should have kept it on the air and instead turned it into one of those History Channel style Armageddon shows where they try to foretell the end of the world, except they try to foretell when the Bengals will next make the playoffs. They could even make it about when the Bengals will actually win the Super Bowl and, thus, make it an actual Armageddon show.

I think the perception is decidedly mixed. Many want him gone and have some notion that “he’s never been the same since the knee/elbow injuries”. I’m in the camp that says he’s still a pretty good QB and has had shit for an offensive line since 2007, shit for a rushing attack since 2007 except for last season, an unimaginative o-coordinator for his entire career and prima-donna wideouts hampering him.

Palmer has some flaws for sure: he’s immobile, so he needs good pass protection, he sometimes stares down wideouts leading to picks and can often force the ball when he feels he needs to make a play, especially when playing from behind (which is often).

The Bengals didn’t help their offense this season with the demise of their defense, which ranked 4th last season and disappeared this year.

I always say that too. The final sign of the Apocalypse: the Bengals winning a Super Bowl!

He was a very good quarterback before the Steelers blew out his knee.

I don’t know that “very good” is a fair characterization. He was better than any Bengals quarterback since Ken Anderson (including Boomer Esiason) and had he been on a better team he could have been one of the greats. I agree that the knee injury marked a turning point in his career, but he didn’t seem to show any loss of mobility when he came back. It’s almost like he became hit-shy. It’s been known to happen (see Everett, Jim).

Oh, well. Accidents happen in football. Look at Bo Jackson and Napoleon McCallum, or even Tim Krumrie if you want to keep it closer to home.

Here’s the important question: are they going to keep him or send him packing? He’s a huge salary liability if they do keep him, and he seems to be on the outs with Bengals fans and management.

Oh, I think your bias is showing.

Not if you read the rest of it.

They could have made it a playoff-watching show with the Bengals sitting on their couches eating Cheetos in front of the TV.

Maybe Chad Ochocinco’s reality show will use this suggestion.

He’s not on the outs with management. Marvin Lewis said there’s “no question” that Carson Palmer is his starting quarterback. There’s certainly a huge portion of the fanbase that probably wants to see him gone (they wanted Luck with the 1st pick, but there’s no chance of that now anyway) but what fans are really frustrated about is how there haven’t been any changes to the way the Bengals run things.

While Marvin was playing the “will I stay or go” game with the media, he also hinted at the fact that in order for him to come back, he would expect certain changes in the way things are run, namely, he wants more control over his staff (he has wanted to fire Bob Bratkowski the OC but was overruled by Mike Brown…heck, Marvin inherited Bratkowski when he took over in 2003!), wants a practice bubble (no chance Brown will build one, so they must continue to be bussed to a a practice facility in inclement weather like high-schoolers), a larger scouting staff (no chance, Mike Brown addressed this in the Marvin resigning presser as “we feel we’re good like we are”)…the fans are screaming for a non-Brown family member as a GM to run the team…no chance of that either.

So when Marvin was resigned, it appeared as if literally nothing had changed. I suppose there’s a chance that Brown is waiting to see if there’s some movement on the new CBA before making any changes, but that’s stupid too. By the time that’s ironed out, you want to bring in a new OC and install a new offense with hardly any time to do it?

So in other words, Bengals fans are pissed at the same-old, same-old.